CBSENCERTANSWERS   came into existence because of the realization of the necessity of quality study materials in the virtual world .Millions of students often seek proper solutions for the hindrances they face in the different parts of their academic career. CBSENCERTANSWERS is with the sole target to assist the learners to excel in their academic career.


CBSENCERTANSWERS is dedicated to cater CBSE related  textbook answers, test papers, Sample Papers ,Mcqs, information, and every kind of related material for almost for all the subjects  which may help the learners.


CBSENCERTANSWERS is for the students and not for narrow commercial view. The belief is to assist the learners in every possible way  .Our answers and study materials are fully free to access .If you feel to suggest or complaint us , please feel to send a mail to Admin –getbadalpaul@gmail.com


Badal Paul is the founder and Admin of CBSENCERTANSWERS .He is enriched with the experience in dealing with the cbse students practically .With 10 years of experience he is determined to help the learners on ethical ground. He is with the target to expand CBSENCERTANSWERS to the acme .What he urges to you is your active support.

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The author is a passionate blogger, writer and educationalist. This blog is created to ease troubles of the Cbse students. The author holds multiple blogs and the writer of the Novel KALCHAKRA, OOM AND THE CHOSEN FIVE.