Saturday, 28 September 2019



                                                                            REVISION TEST

CBSE-CLASS-XI                           ENGLISH                       FULL MARKS-35 TIME---1.15HR

A.    Answer the following questions in about 30-40 words each. (any five)   5x3=15  
a)      How is time delineated in the poem “A Photograph”?
b)     Consider the grandmother as a religious lady.
c)      How was Mourad different from others?
d)     Compare the different schools. (the portrait of a lady)
e)      Discuss the craziness of Aram and Mourad for the horse.
f)      How was grandmother kind of animals?
g)     Narrate the incident where Aram and Mourad met John Byro?
h)     How did grandmother pass away?

B.     Answer the following in about 150  words each(any two):- 6x2=12

a.      How does Mourad have away with everything?
b.      How did the bond between grandmother and the author get weak gradually?
c.      How do the themes of melancholy and Nostalgia make the poem “Photograph”?

C.     Answer the following questions in about one or two words.   (any seven) 7

1.      What would grandmother feed the village dogs?
2.      After how many years the author returned from abroad?
3.      Who were in the photograph?
4.      “Washed their terribly transient feet”—name a poetic device used in the line.
5.      At what time in the morning did Mourad come to Aram?
6.      Name Mourad’s father.
7.      What is the meaning of “vazire”?
8.      In whose vineyard did Aram and Mourad hide the horse?
9.      Name the author of “The summer of the beautiful white horse”.
10.   How many miles did John Byro walk to come to Aram’s house?