Monday, 29 July 2019


A.     How does the author describe the situation of Lencho’s house and field?

Ans_ The author begins with a beautiful natural set up to concoct us for the further twist ushering phenomenon in the story. He acquaints us with the house being the only one in the valley and on the crest of a hill. To add to this beautiful natural set up we are more brought to the beautiful auspicious river promising a good nourish reflecting the ripe corn dotted with flowers connoting sound harvest.

B.      How does the shower bring optimism and then complete disaster?

Ans_ Innocuous Lencho had made a wish from the core of the heart for a downpour or a shower. As if he listened to his appeal and ushered in plentiful shower indicating a wish and prosperous growth. But the aphotic side of this shower was not fathomed by Lencho until Perlis in the form of the hailstorms showered pulverizing the ripe optimistic cornfield. Hail storm reduced the lush cornfield into an expanse of abrogating piece reflecting disaster for the corn and as well as for Lencho.

C.     How did Lencho and his family enjoy the shower as a welcome gift?

Ans_ As desired by Lencho, he was blessed with a genuine rainfall which would rejuvenate the vitality of the cornfield. With a blithe heart, he welcomed the rain and even could not help himself from going in the rain feeling the pleasure of the rain on the body. Being exuberant Lencho even symbolically interpreted the big rain droplets as ten cents and little droplets as five cents.

D.     How did hailstones bring a pole asunder thought and behavior in Lencho?

Ans_ It was like a bolt from the blue for Lencho when he witnessed terrible havoc brought forth by hailstones. The boys naive of the affect of the hailstone could cause, took the occasion to be an auspicious one. But old hand peasant Lencho knew the ominous side of the hailstone and exclaimed, "it is really getting bad now.” When the cornfield was completely devasted, with a soul filled with dolefulness Lencho standing in the middle of the desert exclaimed, “a plague of locust would have left more than this.”

E.      From whom did Lencho with to get help from and why?

Ans_ Beaten and dismantled by the devilish hailstone Lencho was in a dead loss situation without any ray of hope. But his innocuous mind could think one other than the omnipresent almighty. He had been immaculate to traverse to God to comfort him as he desired.

F.      How did the postman and the postmaster react seeing the address written to god?

Ans_ It was unprecedented to the postmaster as well as to the postmaster when he witnessed the very name on the envelope. Initially the postman considered the letter to be the subject of fun and frolic and humorous. Same has been the discourse of the postmaster initially but immediately he was touched by the very innocuous and simple Mein of trust and regarded Lencho to be a rare man of true faith.

G.     How did postmaster decide to help Lencho? What restraints did he have?

Ans_ Despite, it was a humorous discovery for the postman to see a letter addressed to god by a country peasant, he did not want to spoliate Lencho’s trust in almighty. In lieu, he decided to answer as ‘God’ himself. But this bountiful jesture floundered when there was the issue of hundred pesos. Perplexed and derailed from his course, the postmaster decided to make it a reality in every possible way.

H.     How did the postmaster manage seventy pesos for Lencho?

Ans_ Resolute to his benevolent purpose Lencho reflected the qualities like sacrifice and appeal to meet the primary need of Lencho. He sacrificed a part of his salary and appealed to his colleagues and friends to charity to help a man of faith. Despite his diligent effort the postmaster was just able to dig up an amount of seventy pesos, thirty pesos short to be desired of hundred pesos.

I.        How did Lencho react after receiving seventy pesos?

Ans_ With serene faith and confidence, Lencho went to the post office the next Sunday to get his money as the help of the god. He did not have an iota of doubt about receiving the money and so he was least surprised on receiving the money. But he turned dubious on the post office people after getting seventy pesos as according to him the total sum of hundred was reduced to seventy by the post office officials.

J.       What wish did Lencho make to god after receiving seventy pesos?

Ans_ Without any speculation and surprise, Lencho considered the receipt of the money expected. But the amount being less by thirty pesos, he decided to complain god against the post office people doubting them who plundered his money. This incident is hilarious and starting as post office people worked as the god’s messengers who helped him with the money. Besides, this reflects his innocuous and guileless personality.