Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Short Questions and Answers |PRINCESS SEPTEMBER CLASS VIII | cbse Class viii English

1. What was the name of the youngest daughter?
Answer- September
2. What was one strange habit the king of Siam ?
Answer- The king of Siam gave gifts instead of receiving them.
3. What was the gift that king of Siam gifted his daughters?
Answer- The king of Siam gifted his daughters green parrots in a golden cage.
4. What did princess September see one fine morning?
Answer- She found her parrot lying dead on the bottom of the cage.
5. What did the maids of Honour do when they saw her crying?
Answer- The maids of Honour tried to comfort her but when she couldn't she told the Queen.
6. What was the Queen’s reaction?
Answer- The queen said it was utter nonsense and the child should go to bed without supper.
7. What did princess September see when she lay in her bed?
Answer- She saw a little bird hoping into her room who sang a beautiful song.
8. What did the bird sing about?
Answer- The bird sang about the lake in the King’s garden and the willow trees that looked at themselves in the still water and the goldfish that glided in and out of the branches that were reflected in it.
9. What did the other princesses say about the little bird?
Answer- The other princesses said that the little bird isn't going to return as it flies around in and out and if he does he should be kept in cage.
10. How did princess September react when t\he little bird did not return for long?
Answer- Princess September wished for the bird to return safely to her.
11. How was the little bird affected when princess September caged him?
Answer- The little bird was upset and did not sing or eat a thing.
12. What did the bird do once it was set free?
Answer- The bird promised to sing beautiful songs and that he shall return and never forget her .He then opened his wings and flew right away into the blue sky.
13. What lesson do you learn from this story?

Answer-We learn that it is very difficult to put the happiness of someone you love before your own.