Wednesday, 2 August 2017



A shed is a small room, away from the main house, for storing or keeping things, animals, tools, vehicles, etc. Here in this poem we get the description of shed at the bottom of the garden with a spider’s web hanging across the door. The poet could listen the creaking sounds of the rusty hinges. He has a desire i.e. to open the door one day.

The poet talks about a dusty old window around at the side with three cracked panes of glass and he feels that there’s someone staring at him each time that he passes by. One day he desires to peep through the window.

Then the poet talks about his brother. His brother says there’s a ghost in the shed who hides under the rotten floorboards, and if the poet ever dares to set foot inside he’ll jump out and chop off poet’s head. But the poet does not believe so. He wants to have a peek one day.

In the last stanza the poet says that there isn’t really a ghost.          His brother tells lies to keep the shed for his den. There isn’t anyone staring or making strange noises. And the spider has been gone from his web
And he does not know when. He is determined to go into the shed one day.