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1.       Daimios- (in 19th century Japan) wealthy landowners.
2.       Pet- a domestic or tamed animal.
3.       Cushion- a bag of cloth stuffed with a mass of soft material, used as a comfortable support for sitting or leaning on.
4.       Crape- a lightweight fabric of silk, cotton, or other fiber
5.       Snug- comfortable, warm, and cosy
6.       Tidbits- a small piece of tasty food.
7.       Chopsticks- each of a pair of small, thin, tapered sticks of wood, ivory, or plastic, held together in one hand and used as eating utensils especially by the Chinese and the Japanese
8.      Treated- behave towards or deal with in a certain way.
9.       a being with a soul.-like a human child  (showing emotion)
10.   Hoe- a long-handled gardening tool with a thin metal blade, used mainly for weeding.
11.    Spade- a tool with a sharp-edged, typically rectangular, metal blade and a long handle, used for digging or cutting earth, sand, turf, etc.
12.    O Tento Sama- The sun
13.    Harming-  have an adverse effect on
14.    Heron- a large fish-eating wading bird with long legs, a long S-shaped neck, and a long pointed bill.
15.    Sod-  the surface of the ground, with the grass growing on it.
16.    on purpose-Intentionally
17.    paws-  an animal's foot having claws and pads
18.   motioning- a movement of the hand or head
19.    Whining- To utter a low, usually nasal, complaining cry or sound.
20.   to and fro- in a constant movement backwards and forwards or from side to side
21.    Scratching. - Score or mark the surface of (something) with a sharp or pointed object.
22.   Buried- put or hide underground
23.   Struck- hit forcibly and deliberately with one's hand or a weapon.
24.   gleamed-shone/glittered
25.   feast- a large meal, typically a celebratory one
26.   plentifully- more than adequate quality 
27.   Petted- stroke or pat (an animal) affectionately.
28.   Wicked- evil or morally wrong.
29.   Sensitive- having or displaying a quick and delicate appreciation of others' feelings.
30.   Scolded- rebuke (someone) angrily.
31.    coaxed-persuaded; enticed
32.   dainties- tasty food
33.   Treasure- a quantity of precious metals, gems, or other valuable objects.
34.   Dragged- pull (someone or something) along forcefully, roughly, or with difficulty.
35.   to paw- feel or scrape with a paw or hoof.
36.   Scratch- mark the surface of (something) with a sharp or pointed object.
37.   covetous-greedy
38.   crone- old woman (old man’s wife)
39.   Furious- extremely angry.
40.   Chopping off- to cut or sever with a quick  , heavy blow or a series of blows, using an ax, hatchet, etc.
41.    flung- threw
42.   Heaped- put (objects or a loose substance) in a heap.
43.   carcass- dead body
44.   Mourning- the expression of sorrow for someone's death.
45.   Tombs- a large vault, typically an underground one, for burying the dead.
46.   Grave- a hole dug in the ground to receive a coffin or dead body, typically marked by a stone or mound.
47.   Incense- a gum, spice, or other substance that is burned for the sweet smell it produces.
48.   mortar- a cup-shaped receptacle in which ingredients are crushed or ground, used in cooking
49.   Mill-grind (something) in a mill.
50.   Trunk- the main woody stem of a tree as distinct from its branches and roots.
51.    Labour-  work, especially physical work.
52.   Chisel- cut or shape (something) with a chisel.
53.   Scraped- drag or pull a hard or sharp implement across (a surface or object) so as to remove dirt or other matter.
54.   Hollow- having a hole or empty space inside.
55.   Pounding: crushing; grinding
56.   Mass- a large amount of something
57.   Dough- a thick, malleable mixture of flour and liquid, used for baking into bread or pastry.

58.   Blows- a sudden, hard stroke.
59.   Heap- an untidy collection of objects placed haphazardly on top of each other.
60.   Envious- feeling or showing envy.
61.    Peeped- look quickly and furtively at something, especially through a narrow opening.
62.   Hag- a witch.
63.   Dripping- The act or sound of something falling in drops.
64.   Stingy- mean; ungenerous.
65.   Foul- having a disgusting smell or taste or being dirty.
66.   Chopped- cut (something) into pieces with repeated sharp blows of an axe or knife.
67.   Sprinkle- a small quantity or amount of something scattered over an object or surface.
68. Withered- bare and dry
69. Miserable- wretchedly unhappy or uncomfortable.
70. Edge- the outside limit of an object, area, or surface.
71. Blaze- a very large or fiercely burning fire.
72. Pile- a heap of things laid or lying one on top of another.
73. Humbly- meekly.
74. Covetous- greedy.
75. Turned up their noses-treated him with contempt.
76. Scolded- rebuke (someone) angrily.
77. Favourite- preferred to all others of the same kind.
78. Pinch- grip something tightly and sharply between finger and thumb.
79. Sprouted- (of a plant, flower, or hair) start to grow
80. Blooms- produce flowers; be in flower.
81. Perfumed- naturally having or producing a sweet, pleasant smell.
82. Approached- come near or nearer to (someone or something) in distance or time.
83. Wayside- the edge of a road.
84. Custom- a traditional and widely accepted way of behaving or doing something
85. train: Procession
86. Impertinence- lack of respect; rudeness.
87. Prostrate- Lying on the ground face downward.
88. Kneeled- be in or assume a position in which the body is supported by a knee or the knees,
89. Palanquin: royal van/cart
90. Scattered- throw in various random directions.
91. Pretended- not genuine; assumed.
92. Delighted- feeling or showing great pleasure.
93. Robes- a long, loose outer garment reaching to the ankles.
94. Castle- a large building, typically of the medieval period, fortified against attack with thick walls, battlements, towers, and often a moat.
95. Gleefully: happily
96. Handful- a quantity that fills the hand.
97. Particle-even a little bit
98. Choking- have severe difficulty in breathing
99. Pomp- ceremony and splendid display.
100.               Dignity- the state or quality of being worthy of honour or respect.
101.               Dragged- pull (someone or something) along forcefully, roughly, or with difficulty.
102.               Tumbled- fall suddenly, clumsily, or headlong.
103.               Ditch- a narrow channel dug at the side of a road or field, to hold or carry away water.
104.               green: (here)healthy, active and prosperous
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