Tuesday, 13 June 2017


(A) Read the following extract and answers the questions carefully.

(1)     “Not………….powerful rhyme.”
          (a)     What is meant by ‘marble’?
          (b)     Explain – ‘Gilded Monuments’.
          (c)      Whose monuments are referred here?
(d)     Give an example of Enjambment from the above lines.

(2)     “…….shall outlive this powerful rhyme.”
          (a)     What do you understand by outlive?
          (b)     What will be out lived?
          (c)      What will outlive?
          (d)     What is the powerful rhyme.

(3)     “But you shall shine…….sluttish time.”
          (a)     Who is meant by ‘you’?
          (b)     What is meant by ‘in these contents’?
          (c)      What do you understand by ‘upswept stone’?
          (d)     What is the time sluttish?

(4)     “when….overturn.”
          (a) Give an example of Alliteration from the above lines.      
          (b)     Give an example of Inversion from the above lines.
          (c)      Why is the war said to be wasteful?
          (d)     How will the statues be overturned?

(5)     “And……masonry.”
          (a)     What is meant by ‘broils’?
          (b)     Explain – ‘Root out’.
          (c)      What is work of masonry?
          (d)     Give the rhyme scheme of the poem?

(6)     “Nor……..your memory.”
          (a)     Whose memory is meant here?
          (b)     Who is ‘mars’?
          (c)      What is ‘the living record’?
          (d)     How is the record a living one?

(7)     “Gainst….pace forth.”
          (a)     How will the sonnet defeat death?
          (b)     What is meant by ‘oblivious enmity’?
          (c)      Who will pace forth?
          (d)     What is meant by pace forth?

(8)     “Your praise….posterity.”
          (a)     Whose praise is meant?
          (b)     Give an example of Alliteration from the above lines.  
          (c)      What is meant by ‘room’?
          (d)     What is meant by ‘Posterity’?

(9)     “That………..ending doom.”
          (a)     What is meant by ‘ending doom’?
          (b)     What is meant here by ‘That’?
          (c)      Why did the poet use ‘wear’?
          (d)     Explain – “this world”.

10.     So, till the…………lover’s eyes.”
          (a)     What is ‘judgment’?
          (b)     Explain – “yourself arise.”
          (c)      Explain – ‘you live in this’.
          (d)     Who are the lovers?

(B)     Answer the following questions in about 30-40 words each.

          (a)     Consider the poem as a didactic one.
          (b)     How did Shakespeare present ‘Time’ in sonnet-55?
          (c)      How will the friend of Shakespeare be alive till ending doom?
(d)     What hurdles did Shakespeare state that will by defeated by his sonnet.
(e)      How did Shakespeare immortalize his friend’s memory?
(f)      How is ‘ending doom’ presented by Shakespeare?
(g)     How is time and timelessness presented in the poem?
(h)     Explain the structure of the sonnet-55.
(i)      How is sonnet-55  a sonnet?
(j)      Explain the first stanza of the poem.

(C)     Answer the following questions in about 100-120 words each.

a) “Shakespeare is successful in his assay of immortalizing his friend”-discuss.
b) How did Shakespeare defy time in sonnet 55?
c) Discuss the dominant themes used in sonnet 55?
d) How the figures of speeches are used in sonnet 55?