Thursday, 15 June 2017


1.                  How was the life of the birds before the storm?

Ans: - In a forest there lived a bird and her two new-born babies. They were in utmost happiness. They had a nest in a tall shady tree and there the mother bird took care of her little ones day and night.

2.                  What happened to the birds in the storm?

Ans: - The happy family of the bird was destroyed by a storm. One day the big storm, thunder, lightning and rain and the wind blew down many trees along with the tall tree in which the birds lived. During the storm a heavy branch hit the nest and killed the mother bird. The baby birds were fortunate. The strong wind blew them away to the other side of the forest.

3.                  Where did the two baby birds fall in the heavy storm?

Ans: - Due to heavy storm the baby birds were blown away in the other side of the forest. One of the birds came down near a cave where a gang of robbers lived. The other bird landed outside a rishi’s ashram a little distance away.

4.                  How did the King get lost in the forest?

Ans: - Once, the King of the country came to the forest to hunt. He saw a deer and rode after it. It ran deep into the forest. The king also chased and lost his way. He was then unable to understand where he was.

5.                  How did the king reach the cave?

Ans: - Having lost his way in the forest, the king continued to ride on for a long time till he came to the other side of the forest. He was very tired by then. He got off the horse and sat down under a tree that stood near a cave.

6.                  What did the bird near the cave say seeing the king?

Ans: - When the king got off the horse and sat down under a tree which stood near a cave, suddenly he heard a voice cry out, “Quick! Hurry up! There is someone under the tree. Come and take his jewels and his horse. Hurry, or else he will slip away.”

7.                  How did the king react to what the bird uttered?

Ans: - When the King heard the bird utter those words, he was amazed. But he did not know the speaker. He looked up and saw a big, brown bird on the tree under which he was sitting. He also heard faint noises issuing the cave. He quickly got on to his horse and rode away as fast as he could.

8.                  What did the bird near the rishi’s ashram say to the king?

Ans: - When the king reached rishi’s ashram, tied his horse and sat down under the shade of a tree, he heard a gentle voice announce, “Welcome to the ashram, Sir. Please go inside and rest. The rishi will come back soon. There is some cold water in the pot. Please make yourself comfortable.” On searching, the King found a big brown bird in the tree.

9.                  Write down in your words the conversation between the bird in the rishi’s ashram and the king.

Ans: - When the bird in the rishi’s ashram greeted and welcomed the king heartily, the king looked up and found a big bird in the tree. The king was amazed and said that the bird looked like the other bird outside the cave. At this the bird replied, “You are right, sir. He is my brother but he has made friends with robbers. He now talks as they do. He does not talk to anyone more.”

10.              What did the rishi say on seeing the king?

Ans: On seeing the king the rishi said, “Welcome Sir, Please cone inside and make yourself at home. You look tired. Rest for a while. Then you can share my food.”

11.              What did the king say the rishi about the birds and what did the rishi reply?

Ans: The king had experienced the two birds with two different types of behaviour. He told the rishi the story of the two birds and how each had behaved so differently though they looked alike. The rishi replies, “The forest is full of surprises.”

12.              How did the rishi explain the two birds and their behaviour?

Ans: The rishi aptly explained the behaviour of the two birds. He said, “After all, one is known by the company one keeps. That bird has always heard the talk of the robbers. He imitates them and talks about robbing people. This one has repeated what he has always heard. He welcomes people to the ashram”.

13.              What do you learn from the story?

Ans: This story is a didactic one in true sense. The story shows how our company affects us our mind set and behaviour. As the bird near the cave lived with the robbers, so it acquired the behaviour of the robbers. And the bird which lived near the rishi’s ashram acquired pleasant and gentle behaviour like the rishi. So we must be conscious while choosing our company. We must avoid bad company and choose the good one to be good.