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            An article is a piece of writing in which the writer expresses personal opinions. An article may be descriptive or argumentative.


            Articles are written to impart information on various issues. It may describe a person, incident, and place. It can reflect opinions on social matters. It can even argue specific issue either in for or in against.

            Articles are published in the periodicals, newspapers and magazines.

Features of An Article:

·        An article comes within a box.
·        It completes within 150 – 200 words (As per XII C B S E)
·        It must have one eye catching title reflecting the main theme.
·        The content must be rational, apt and with perfect equilibrium.
·        It must contain a by-line.
·        It is expected that ideas are to be original and put in logical sequence.
·        An article may be on – 1) Description of a person, his life and actions.
2) It can describe a place or an event.
3) It can make analysis of social or political issues critically.
3) It can put arguments on a topic either in for or in against.

·        Maintain appropriate style and format of an article.
·        Do not be irrelevant about your article.


1.     Headline / Title

·        It must be attractive and must carry the main theme.
·        Avoid article and prepositions.

2.     By-line-

·        Name of the person who wrote the article.
·        Must be underneath of the title.

3.     Introductory paragraph

·        Must carry the total article in nutshell.
·        Must attract the attention of the public.
·        May begin with a quotation or sayings.
·        Just clear your intention and course of the article.

4.     Paragraph 2- Reasoning and Rationalizing

·        Use factual information
·        Bring comparative examples to boast your view
·        Put logics in coherent and convincing manner.
·        Try to support your views with facts and statistics.

5.     Paragraph – 3 – comparison and contrast.

·        Put opinions in adverse to you logics.
·        Establish your logics better and show why.

6.     Paragraph – 4 – concluding paragraph

·        Aptly put your suggestions or way outs.
·        Tag the end line which must be convincing and decisive to your views.

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