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A.          Read the passage following passage carefully and choose the most suitable option.

British Mathematician and physicist James Clerk Maxwell was a giant of nineteenth century science. Best known for Maxwell equations which were the best insight into electromagnetism of their day, his interests also included Saturn’s rings and the human perception of colour .It was this latter interest that led to the first colour photograph in 1861.

   1 Which of the following means near to ‘ giant’

   a) A big animal 
   b) A dwarf
   c) A great one
   d) Hercules

   2. Which of these means negative to – ‘known’-

a) Celebrated
b) Obscure
c) Manifested
d) Certified

   3. The word insight can be defined as –

a)  Power of the eyes
b) Power to search
c) Power of apprehending through mental vision
d) Power of controlling dream

   4. The term ‘electromagnetism’ relates to
     a) Electricity  
     b) Interactions between electric and magnetic fields
     c) Power of current
     d) Power of controlling dreams

   5. Here the word ‘also’ refers –
a) Even
b) Rather
c) Above something
d) In addition to

6.  Which of the following word is opposite to  ‘include’-

   a)   incorporate
   b)  subsume
   c) eliminate
   d ) comprise

7 . The word  ‘perception’ can be best replaced  with –

a) Being abominable
b) Understanding
c) Being a traitor
d) Being

8. Here the word  ‘latter’ can be best defined as –

   a) Next in time
   b)  second of the mentioned two
   c ) last of the  all   mentioned
   d)  none of these

9.  Best opposite to the word  ‘interest’ can be –

   a) attentiveness
   b ) excitement
   c) passion
   d ) boredom

 10. Which of the following would match  ‘led to’

   a) responsible for
   b ) caused to happen
   c ) prepared
   d ) accumulate


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