Friday, 24 October 2014


A.Choose the correct alternatives

1. He has accomplished the work in cold blood.
Here ‘cold blood’ refers to -  

a) frozen blood
b) deliberately
c) mistakenly
d) unknowingly

2. He raised himself by leaps and bounds .Here  ‘leaps and bounds’ refers to-

a) With jumps
b) going upwards
c) with obstacles
d) with rapidity

3.He just needed an appropriate break out .
Here ‘break out’ is

a) Breaking Journey
b) Breaking a relation  
c) To have a start
d) to cease a journey

4. The Magistrate has brought about a few changes.
Here ‘brought about’ means--

a) Bringing something  
b) breaking a relation
c) to have a start

5.His advent proved to be a bull in the china shop
Here ‘bull in a china shop’ means
a) a destroyer
b) a person who is welcomed
c) positive move
d) negative destroyer

6.By hook or crook he wanted to win the election
Here ‘by hook or crook’ means

a)with all energy
b)by all means
c) by fair way
d)  by foul way

7. Life is not a bed of roses but of struggle.
Here ‘bed of roses means’--

a) rose bed
b) easy life  
c) life without tranquility
d) a sordid life

  8. What he needs is to bury the hatchet .Here ‘bury the hatchet’ means

a) bury the trouble
b) a sad work
c) surrendering
d) to make peace.

9. Words are easy ,but to bell the cat is tough .Here  ‘bell the cat’ means

a) complex work
b) face the risk
c) brave work
d) none

10. He must stop biting the granite.
Here ‘biting the granite’ means

a) Having a good taste
b) Showing bravery
c) to waste energy
d)to cease an effort

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