Monday, 27 October 2014


A.        Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate options given below.

     1) He was ---------------Indian to go to England.

    a) an
    b) a   
    c) the
    d) none    

   2)  His house is next --------------------ours.

     a) of
     b)  by           
     c)  to
     d)  with      

3)   He has spent -----------------------money he had.

       a) a few
       b)    the few      
       c)   a little
       d)  the little

    4) I have not got -------------------pen with me.

        a) few
        b)   any   
        c)  many
        d)  some

   5) Have you got the ---------------------edition of the book?
        a) latest
        b)  last        
        c) later
        d) late

6. The two friends should not quarrel ---------------other.

a) among

b) with

c) between

d) each

7. I have read ---------------  books on this subject.

a) the few

b) a few

c) a little

d) the little

8. Sheela is as ------------as her friend.

a) clever
b ) cleverer
c) cleverest
d) none

9. Bangalore is the -------------city in India .

 a) clean
 b ) cleaner
 c) cleanest
 d) More cleaner

10.  The new teacher is -------------------the old one

 a) bad
 b ) badder
 c) worse

 d) good

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