Tuesday, 23 September 2014


A. Fill in the blanks with suitable verbs (Do not use shall/will/had/Past Tense form of verb (Except-was/were) and modal verbs)

1) The basketball team _________a new coach.

2) The policeman _____________ impartial.

3) Many of the houses in this area ____________have electricity.

4) Not only Ramesh but also Prokash ____________ agreed to the paint.

5) On the pavement there _____________many monkeys eating bananas.

6) The dog or the cats ____________quarrelling.

7) Dither my pens or my book _______________ on the table.

8) The man with all his children _____________in the field.

9) Either answer _____________ correct.

10)         Your pants ____________at the cleaners.

11)         The committee ____________different opinions on this matter.

12)         The price of the spectacles. ______________high.

13)         The famous singer and composer __________come here.

14)         Collecting colourful stones ____________hobby.

15)         The principal along with the teachers _______________in the school.

16)         A lot of people opine that politics ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________ a boring subject.

17)         You must understand that ten years ‑__________________not big time.

18)         The English ______________famous for their manners.

19)         Where _______________the scissors?

20)         What criteria _______________been set for the post?

21)         The spectacles you ______________having are attractive.

22)         Nuptials ________________part of humans’ life.

23)         The vermin _______________when you stay dirty.

24)         Measles ________________suffering to us.

25)         Billiards ________________not everyone’s game.

26)         The crises ________________very troublesome.

27)         There ________________criteria for the post.

28)         The lice _________________irritation to the girls.

29)         The United States _______________powerful.

30)         His brothers as well his father __________ guilty.

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