Tuesday, 23 September 2014


A. Fill in the blanks with most suitable prepositions.

1. We arrived _______________the station

2. The returned ______________the stone.

3. He has been working ____________five years.

4. The man has been suffering ____________last Monday.

5. There is a school ______________G.D. Road.

6. The Guptas live _______________G.T. Street.

7. He always felt superior ______________his friends.

8. He is junior __________her.

9. This resembles ________that .

10.         We are now approaching ____________ Victoria terminus.

11.         She married ____her boss.

12.         He rides _____________a cycle.

13.         He rides ____________a Car

14.         He sits ______________a stool.

15.         He sits _______________an armchair.

16.         I have every claim ___________________you.

17.         I have set up a claim _________________the throne.

18.         I am glad __________________your success.

19.         She is good __________________ mathematics.

20.         She does not agree _______________me.

21.         I agree ________________your marriage.

22.         Your conduct calls ____________punishment.

23.         The boy called __________________his mother for help.

24.         Compare Ram ________________Shyam.

25.         Anger may be compared __________________fire.

26.         He deals ______________Japanese goods.

27.         He deals __________________everyone.

28.         She died __________________cancer.

29.         He died ________________the country.

30.         The pen is to write ___________.

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