Tuesday, 23 September 2014


A. Turn the following into indirect.

1) The teacher said to the boys. “Do not make noise”.

2) The teacher said to him, “Work hard if you want to pass the exams.”

3) He said, “Let’s wait for her turn.”

4) The young man asked, “Which way did she go?”

5) He told me, “I was reading a book when the explosion occurred.”

6) ‘I do not know why you waste so much time polishing the car”, said his neighbour.

7) “I would have enjoyed the journey more if the man next to me had not snored all the time,” said the boy.

8) “Who did you give the money to?” asked his father.

9) “Why don’t you take it to the bank and get it changed?” said his mother.

10)         “When you have chosen a book, bring it to me and I shall stamp it,” said the Librarian.

11)         “Could you help me with my luggage ?” the man said.

12)         “Why don’t you cut your hair?” the teacher said.

13)         He says, “We had evaluated the work.”

14)         He said, “Truth always wins”.

15)         “Sit down and tell me what is worrying you,” he said.

16)         “Could you ring up the taxi centre and order a taxi for me?” said the dietician.

17)         He said, “They had chosen for their friend.”

18)         He said to the boys,” Let us go for a picnic.”

19)         The girl said, “Let me do the work.”

20)         “What a nasty blow it was!”  said the driver

21)         The girl said, “How cruel you are!”

22)         “I should say nothing about it if I were you.” Said your brother.

23)         They will say, “Would you like to come with us?”

24)         “Do you grow your own vegetables?” he said

25)         “Do whatever you like.” Said the man.

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