Wednesday, 3 September 2014


A. Fill in the blanks with preposition.

1. He is confident ________ his ability.
2. He has confidence _____ his plan.
3. He conformed ___________his wife.
4. He conformed __________ this point.
5. They conspired ____________ his energy to destroy him.
6. They conspired _________ kill him.
7.  I shall consult ______ the teacher.
8. They will consult _______ the situation.
9. I conversed _______________ mathematics.
10.   He conversed __________mathematics
11.   I want you to co-operate ___________ your siblings.
12.   Please co- operate ____________ this work.
13.   I shall correspond ___________ his going to Delhi
14.   I shall correspond _____________  the doctor.
15.   He must dammed the money __________ the man.

16.   You must dammed _____ your right.
17.   The man died ____ cholera.
18.   He died ___ poison.
19.   He died _____________ overwork.
20.   He died __________ his motherland.
21.   The teacher was displeased _____________his conduct.
22.   His father was displeased _________________ his conduct.
23.   He is overage and disqualified ______________ the examination.
24.   He is disqualified ________________ the competition.
25.   He is dull ____________________ hearing.
26.   He is dull ______________mathematics.
27.   The man is engaged _______________the lady.
28.   I am engaged _____________ a serious work.
29.   I have no envy ____________ him
30.   I am not envy ____________his success.

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