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A .Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition:-

1 I was accompanied ______________ my friend.
2 he was always accompanied___________ that trouble.
3 I was angry __________ him.
4 The teacher was angry _________ his mobile phone.
5 You have to answer ______________ the principal.
6 you have to answer ________ your behaviour.
7 I apologise ___ my conduct.
8 You must apologise ______________ your act.
9 He must appeal ___ the head for help.
10 He will appeal ____his biased decision.
11 Do not argue ______ your teacher.
12 He argued _____ the new rule.
13 He was attacked ______________ a robber.
14 I was attacked ____- fever.
15 The students were available  __the teacher.

16 The man was available ____ measurement.
17 He begged the favour___________ me.
18 He bagged _______the help.
19 He burst _____________ tears.
20 He burst _______________laughing at my plan.
21 We need to know the change _______ the task.
23 Will he take the change _____ the task.
24 I want buy the things _______ him.
25 I shall buy the laptop ____ the shop.
26 I shall complain __ the boss.
27 He complain ______ the boss.
28 I concur ____ you on this matter.
29 I concur ________________ this point.

30 She wrote a letter _______________ her blood.
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