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A. Read the extracts and answer the questions

1) “But the signboard has been hanging on the gate for over a month now and I am beginning to be afraid that the day I bought it was when I was the real fool.”

a) Who is the speaker?
b) To whom the words are spoken?
c) Why does the speaker fear to be the real fool?

2) “They prefer real article”

a) Who prefer real article?
b) What do you understand b y the real fool?
c) How much will the speaker be paid for a real article?

3) “We could do something very original with it”.

a) Name the speaker.
b) What is ‘it’ here?
c) Why does the speaker require to do original?

4) “I have not been looking over them, you have, and it bores me.”

a) Who is ‘I’ here?
b) What is ‘them’ here?
c) Explain line in very brief.

5) “There is my dowry.”

a) Whose dowry is talked here?
b) Why does the speaker talk about dowry?
c) What answer did the listener give?

6) “the choice of a frame is not so easy when you have such a delightful pastel to place in it.”

a) Name the speaker.
b) What is frame and pastel here?
c) What is the tone of the line?

7) “if I did, it would be much less than that.”

a) Write down the number related to ‘that’.
b) Who is/are the listener/listeners?
c) How much ‘less’ the speaker stated?

8) “See here now, I tell you I am in a hurry. How much do they want for this house?”

a) Name the speaker.
b) To whom are these words spoken?
c) Use one adjective to define the character of the speaker.

9) “ Well she can stay there. Unless you have to consult her before you make a sale?”

a) Who is ‘she’ here?
b) What do you understand by ‘there’?
c) What is the irony in the word ‘sale’?

10)         “ You think about the past all the time. We always think about the future.”

a) Who think about the past?
b) Who think about the future?
c) What attitude of the speaker is reflected here?

11)         “ We are learning now. We are practicing ...”

a) What is the context of the line? (In short)
b) What do you understand by ‘learning’ and ‘practicing’?
c) To whom are the words spoken?

12)         “Make it tomorrow and my architect can come on Thursday.”

a) Who is the speaker?
b) What will the listener make?
c) How did the listener react?

13)         “Just a moment, just a moment, my dear. You say there are two large bed rooms and a small one.........”?

a) Who is the speaker?
b) Why does the speaker change in thought?
c) Who is ‘dear’ here?
d) What else did Juliette add with the line?

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