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Sample Questions on Subject Verb Agreement Cbse-Class-Ix and X English

A. Fill in the blanks with suitable verbs, (do not use shall/will/had/past tense form of verb and modal verbs)

1. The violin as well as harmonium _________________to be brought to the function.
2. The teacher with all the students ____________absent in the ceremony.
3. Neither of my pens ________________working now.
4. There __________________________a list of criminals.
5. Everybody in the room ______________________put on proper uniform.
6. The jury ______________________decided to hang the criminal.
7. Ramu or his brother _____________________going to be called.
8. One of my students _______________________working on a research.
9. Either my father or my mother ____________coming to attend the meeting.
10.         One of my friends _________________selected for the role.
11.         Either option ___________________acceptable.
12.         Nobody _________________________the problem 9 am in.
13.         Sixty rupees __________________enough to buy a chocolate.
14.         The doctor and president of the club ____________present here.
15.         The criminal and the thief _______________jailed by the court of law.
16.         Not only the teacher but also the students _______________anxious for the result.
17.         Each of the parents ______________responsible for child’s care.
18.         Neither Salma nor her friends ______________in the classroom.
19.         Either you or I _______________going to take the risk.
20.         The police _________________caught the thieve.
21.         The number of unemployed youths _____________increasing.
22.         Forty percent of our income ____________to fooding.
23.         Learning swimming in the swimming pools __________a common practice.
24.         The plants over the hills _____________green.
25.          Chattisgarh, a state with many people ______________a lot of rice.
26.         The chocolates I bought last month ______________wormy.
27.         My neighbour friends often _____________________me good morning’.
28.          Someone, hear to us, ______________very stick.
29.         My brushes with torn whiskers ________________to be changed.
30.         There ________________several teams in the league.
31.         Each of the players ________________one paper and ________it.
32.         Neither of the boys _______________war.
33.         Both the boys __________________that they have done mistake.
34.         Students in the colleges often _____________the class.
35.         The staff _____________________bonus during the festivals.
36.         There ______________a numbers of reasons for this.
37.         Most of the buyers __________from India.
38.         There _______________twenty students in the room.
39.         Neither Kalyan’s parents nor my father _______________attended the college.
40.         The bottles in the bag _____________to me.
41.         Each of my sons ________truth.
42.         Fish curry and rice _______________my favourite lunch.
43.         Nothing ever _______________to bothers him.
44.         The colour of the pens ____________________bright.
45.         I respect you who _____________my guide.
46.         Two and to _______________four.
47.          Either you or I ___________________guilty.
48.          A few of these products _____________________faults.
49.         Two – thirds of the people ______________violence.
50.         The value of the objects __________________nothing.

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