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A.     Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow

1.      ‘’What are they coming for? They have not been here for ages”  (3)

a)      Who is the speaker?
b)     Who are ‘they’ here?

c)      Why are they coming?

2.      ‘’I suppose it is in the family”.                                                        (3)

a)      Who is the speaker?

b)     What does the speaker mean by the line?

c)      What tone does the message bear?

3.      ‘’Suppose they come when we are doing it”                              (3)

a)      Who is the speaker?

b)     What will they do?

c)      What solution is given by the listener to assuage this concern?

4.      ‘’ Did we knock much plaster off the wall?’’                               (3)

a)      Who are ‘we’ here?

b)     How did they knock much plaster?

c)      What is the context of the above quoted line?

5.      ‘It might have been one of us.”                                                      (3)

a)      Who is the speaker?

b)      Explain the line.

c)      What kind of character does the person bear?

6.      ‘’To that ‘ring-o’-Bells’ I shall be bound”.                                       (4)

a)      Who is the speaker?

b)     What is ‘Ring-o’-Bells’?

c)      Who was the owner of ‘Ring-o’-Bells.?

d)     What is the context of the line?

7.      ‘’On Monday next I am going to do three things”                         (3)

a)      Tell us about the three things in separate points.

B.      Answer the following questions in about 30-40 words each. 6x3=18

a)      What message does the drama convey?

b)     Establish Ben as a comic figure.

c)      How far do you accept Grandfather to be a unique character?

d)     Name the three things and explain how those played an important role in exposing the embezzlement.

e)      Evaluate the use of humour in the drama.

f)       How would you justify the title? 
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