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A. Read the following extract and choose the correct option given below.  .5x8=4

It would be impossible for us _______________1) living in this world if each of us ______________(2) exactly what fate had in store for him. So God in his mercy ____________(3) the future from all his creatures and ___________________(4) only the present. He hides ________________(5) animals what men _____________(6) and he hides from men __________________(7) the angels know. For example, if a lamb had reason like a man, it _____________________(8) gambol happily, knowing it was destined to be killed for human food.

1. i) in     ii) for   iii) with     iv) to

2. i) has known ii) knew iii) had known     iv) will know

3. i) conceals   ii) concealed iii) has concealed iv) had concealed

4. i) will reveal     ii) has revealed   iii) can reveal    iv) had revealed

5. i) to     ii) from iii) off iv) away

6. i) knows will know     iii) what     iv) has known

7. i) that   ii) which     iii) what     iv) when

8. i) had not    ii) could not iii) must not iv)  should not.

B. Read the following extract and complete it with the most relevant option given below. -4

At the outset I thought I _______________(a) easily overcome the hurdle. But I ____________(b) admit that I had shallow knowledge about it. I wish I ________________(c) know it earlier. One _____________________(d) not be overconfident over confidence leads us to futile efforts resulting in frustration. So, I realized that every hurdle whether it is small or big must be taken seriously and prepared diligently.

a) i) must     ii) could     iii) would    iv) should

b) i) must     ii) should    iii) may iv) could

c) i) would    ii) must iii) could    iv) shall

d) i) can ii) should    iii) could    iv) would

C. The following extract contains some errors. Correct the errors and write down right one in this blank specified    .                                                                                                                   5x8=4

     Incorrect          correct
International human rights law play      _____            ______
An important role in set standards       ____              ____
And rights and especially, with the    ______              _____
Protection and promote of the          _______             ______
Identify of linguistic minority        ______               ____
Groups. It provide the normative       ______              ______
Frame work for develop principles      _______              _____
Of democracy governance and           ______               ______
Multicultural policies.               ______              ______

D. Re arrange the following words to make a meaningful sentence. –(4)

1.  Do it/ for/ you may/all/say/I will

2. This village?/you /long/lived/how/have/in

3. For dead/on/he/left/was /the field

4. Capacity/is/beyond/work/his/this

E. Read the following conversation and complete the sentences that follow.   (4)

Ahana – you may have white complexion but it does not mean you are good inside.

White witch – Look is everything. People judge after the look.

Ahana – That look is deceiving and will soon be realized .

White witch – A clever person can manage that too with the look.

Ahana – you may be at the peak for a moment but will fall in ditch turning your face a dirty one.

Ahana said that --------------(1). The white witch said with vanity that --------------------------(2)

.Ahana replied that look is deceiving and would soon be realized. The white witch continued

that --------------------------------(3) . Ahana spoke with confidence that -----------------(4)
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