Tuesday, 24 June 2014


An advertisement is a publicly announced message which is targeted for soliciting or offering various services or to impart information to the common mass.

CBSE has introduced Advertisement in the category of short composition .I shall discuss about the salient features of ‘SITUATION VACANT’ (Classified Advertisement) today.

There are certain features for classified advertisements .Students are advised to be meticulous about these characteristics to ensure the best output.


1. You must not cross 50 words. Never cross this limit to avoid deduction of marks.

2.  You don’t have a lot of words to waste. In advertisement you are charged for per word. So get to the point quickly.

3. In comparison to display advertisement classified advertisement is less attractive and gets less space. So use catchy words to attract the readers.

4. Avoid complex and intrigue way of speaking .Be very simple and direct so that you ensure the   message understood to the maximum.

5. In classified advertisements you are not allowed to use blocks and or other designs.

6.  You can start first one or two words in capital letters to attract the readers.

7. You are advertising to give information to the people either for services or other general information. So make sure your advertisement provides complete information.

8. Whether you are an advertiser soliciting services or offering services you must provide a proper way of contact .Or else your advertisement may turn to be a futile one.


‘SITUATION WANTED’ is one of the advertisements in the category of classified advertisements. In this part you are an advertiser who is offering service to the people or organizations those who need your service. The following are the key points for ‘SITUATION WANTED’ for better score.

ü  Do not cross the word limit. (50 words)

ü  Mention the candidate’s educational qualifications, other qualifications and experience in the service offered by you.

ü  Mention the age and sex of the candidate such as only male or female, married or unmarried etc.

ü  Clearly mentions the pay desired by you ,Or give a prior info for the same.

ü  Name your name and address.

ü  Give your contact address, email or any other way of communication.

ü  State the kind of job ,area, timing and the locality you offer your service.

ü  Put your advertisement in side of box (not a big one)



A first class graduate in Physics 
from Delhi University with an 
experience of   7 years in teaching 
in leading International schools 
seeks a job in or around Kolkata.
 B.Ed trained, Fluent in English,
 experienced in dealing with hundreds
 of students .Expected pay -50,000.



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