Wednesday, 18 June 2014


A. Read the following extracts and answer the questions

1. ‘You called out coachman Ali’s name didn’t you. Here I am I have come for my letter”
a) Name the person whom these lines are spoken to.
b) Acquaint us with the letter.
c) For how long is the person expecting the letter?

  2. “Mad men are strange people”      (3)

a)     Who is the speaker?
b)    Tell us in very brief about the madman of Ahmedabad.
c)     Tell us about the fifth madman.

2. “They will be useful to you, and they can never be to me. But will you do one thing?”

a) Who is the speaker?
b) What does the speaker mean by ‘they’?
c) What thing did the speaker request?

4. “When Ali comes at four o’clock”, he mused “I will give him the letter myself.”(3)
a) Who is the speaker?
b) Why will he give the letter himself? (In short)
c) What startling fact the speaker does not know?

B. Answer the following questions     6x2=18

 I.     Explain the three fold effect of ‘love and separation’.
II.     Compare the past and present of Ali.
III.     Establish ‘the letter’ as a doleful story.
IV.     Give a character sketch of the postmaster.
 V.     “Ali was a clever shikari” – How?

VI.     How was Ali treated by Post office people? 
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