Wednesday, 21 May 2014


A. Read the following extracts and answer the questions.

1. “After the excitement of homecoming wore off, chuck hit a new low.”           3

i)      From where did chuck return?
ii)    In which month did chuck return?
iii)  What was the “new low”?

2.  “He was a 23-Kilo missile of joy”                   3

i)      Who is ‘he’ here?
ii)    What did he do ?
iii)  Where did ‘he’ hit chuck hooper?

3. “The staffs were amazed by the visit”?                   3

i)      Whom do the authors refer as “The staff”?
ii)    Name the manager.
iii)  Which date did chuck visit the staff?

4. “Thirteen months from the moment, he worked full days” 3

i)      From which date did chuck start working full days?
ii)    What was his reward?
iii)  For how many hours did he work earlier?

B. Answer the questions     6 x 2 =  12

1. Establish “a dog named Duke” as a didactic story.
2. Comment on the role of Duke for chuck Hooper’s revival.
3. “a dog named Duke” is a story of inspiration – comment.
4. Narrate the first day of their (chuck and Duke) struggle.
5. Comment on the following dates – (1) June’01 (2) January4, and March, 1.
6. Establish the story “A dog named Duke” a story of optimism and melancholy.
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