Wednesday, 23 April 2014


1. Answer the following questions.

a) What did Patrick think his cat was playing with? What was it really?
Ans: Patrick mistook his cat to be playing with a doll. At first he thought so as the thing Patrick was playing with was looking like a doll. But it was not so. In reality it was a very small man or elf.

b) Why did the little man grant a wish?

Ans: The little man was at life risk. The cat of Patrick was about to kill the little man. The little man wanted to save his life. So he requested Patrick to save his life from his cat. In return he would grant him a wish.

c) What was Patrick’s wish?

Ans: Patrick never liked studies. He considered studies to be boring. He disliked home works. When the little man offered him a wish, Patrick thought of nothing but his home work. He wished to the elf to do all his home works.

d) In what subject did the little man need help to do Patrick’s home work?

Ans: Hardly there was any subject where the little man did not require any help. To find out a meaning he ordered Patrick to bring the dictionary. He took full help from Patrick in English, Maths and History. And while helping the little man, Patrick himself learnt everything.

5. How did Patrick help him?

Ans: The elf had promised Patrick to do all his home work. But the elf knew very little about the subjects Patrick studied. Whenever the elf required to know meaning of any word, he would order Patrick to read the meaning out from dictionary. He would help the elf solving the sums. And even he would readout the portions from History to the elf.

6. Who do you think did Patrick’s home work, the little man, or Patrick himself? Give reasons for your answer.

Ans: Though Patrick himself knew that the home work was done by elf, the real truth was that everything was done by Patrick himself. The elf did not know anything about Patrick’s subjects. Patrick himself stayed up the nights, worked hard and got the As. Teachers, parents and all others were surprised at this and Patrick turned out to be the model kid. 
Written By Badal Paul
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