Wednesday, 23 April 2014


A. Read the following extracts and answer the questions.

1. “Other creatures loathed his voice
          But, alas, they had no other choice”.

a) Whose voice is talked in the above lines?
b) Answer in very short the reason of loathing his voice.
c) What do you understand by the word loathed?

2. “Bravo!” “Too divine!” “Encore!”

a) Who are the speakers of the above words?
b) What is “Encore”?
c) To whom are these words spoken?

3. “…………..This is a fairy tale-
And you are Mozart in disguise …………”

a) Who is Mozart?
b) Who is referred in the text as Mozart?
c) Write two adjectives about the character of the speaker highlighting the above lines.

4. “Well, poor bird – she should have know
          That your song must b e your own.”

a) Who is the poet of the poem?
b) After which incident these words are spoken?
c) Find one poetic device from the above lines?

B. Answer the following questions in brief.

1. What is the moral of “frog and the Nightingale”?
2. What aspect of society does the poet want to highlight through the poem?
3. Comment on the ending of the poem.
4. Bring out a pen picture of reactions of the animals towards both the frog and the Nightingale.
5. Explain – “And the frog observed them glitter
              With a joy both sweet and bitter”
6. How did the frog bring an end to the Nightingale? 

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