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A GIFT OF CHAPPALS Textbook solutions and answers cbse-class-vii-english

Comprehension Check

1. What is the secret that Meena shares with Mridu in the backyard?

Ans.   Mridu is let to know that they have a small kitten hidden behind a thick bitter berry bush in the backyard. The kitten is sheltered inside a torn football filled with sand. Owing to the hateful attitude of Paati towards the cats this was kept as secret and was shared to Mridu.

2.   How does Ravi get milk for the kitten?

Ans. Ravi is a master pretender. To get milk for the kitten, Ravi went to the kitchen. But he encountered his grandmother when he was holding a glass of milk. On questioning by grandmother, he told that he was hungry and really had to drink most of the milk in front of the grandmother. When grandmother asked the tumbler back, he told her that he would wash it himself. And before grandmother was having a serious doubt, he ran, poured the milk, washed the tumbler and put it back at the same place.

3.   Who does he say the kitten’s ancestors are? Do you believe him?

Ans. Ravi, the pivotal character in the story, demanded that one of the descendants of the Egyptian cat – goddess was a stow away in a Pallava ship. He opined that Mahabalipuram Rishi cat was the descendant of one of the descendants of Egyptian cat goddess and their kitten is the present descendant of Mahabalipuram Rishi Cat.

     There is no iota of doubt that the genealogy of the kitten given by Ravi is untrue and not to be believed.

4. Ravi has a lot to say about M.P.Poonai. This shows that

(i) he is merely trying to impress Mridu.
(ii) his knowledge of history is sound.
(iii) he has a rich imagination.
(iv) he is an intelligent child.

Which of these statements do you agree/disagree to? 

Answer- Ravi has a lot to say about M.P. Poonai. This shows that

(iii) he has a rich imagination.

5.   What was the noise that started Mridu and frightened Mahendran?

Ans.      It was a bizarre sound- a ‘Kreech’ that startled Mridu to the utmost and made Mahendran dull to the bone. It was the result of Lali’s futile attempt at acquiring mastery over the violin.

Q.1. The music master is making lovely music, Read aloud the sentence in the text that expresses this idea.

Ans- The line that shows that the music master is making lovely music is -
“The music-master's notes seemed to float up and settle perfectly into the invisible tracks of the melody. It was like the wheels of a train fitting smoothly into rails and whizzing along."  

A.2. Had the beggar come to Rukku manni’s house for the first time? Give reasons for your answer.

Ans- No , the beggar had not been to the house of Rukku Manni’s house for the first time. According to      Paati the beggar had been coming to their house every day for the past week and now he should find any other house for begging. Further we become sure about this when the beggar says –

“The ladies of this house are very kind souls. I have kept my body and soul together on their generosity for a whole week. I cannot believe that they would turn me away.”  

Q.3. “A sharp V-shaped line had formed between her eyebrows”, what does it suggest to you about Rukku Manni’s mood?

Ans. A V-shaped line between her eyebrows is suggestive of a scowl or frown. This vehemently indicates that Rukku Manni is fully annoyed and angry with the situation.

 Working with the Text

Q.2. Describe the music teacher.

Ans- Sitting opposite to Lali and most of his back to the window , it was clear that  the music master was skinny and middle aged. He was a bald headed person with a fringe of oiled black hair falling around his ears and had an old fashioned tuft. Around his leathery neck, there was a gold chain shining and there was glittering diamond ring on his hand with a large foot stuck out he was playing a violin. Besides, he had a scrawny big toe hitting the floor and a gold bordered veshti.

Q. 3. i) What makes Mridu conclude that the beggar has no money to buy chappals?

Ans. When Mridu noticed that the feet of the beggar was totally blistered, she concluded that the beggar for not having money could not buy chappals and had those blisters.

     ii) What does she suggest to show her concern?
Ans. Out of empathy and pain when Mridu asked Ravi if he had any pair of old slippers to give the beggar, she had her eyes filled with tears. She was totally moved by the miserable condition of the beggar and longed for something to soothe his feet.

Q.4. “Have you children …” she began, and then, seeing they were curiously quite, went on move slowly, “seen anyone lurking around the verandah?”

i)      What do you thing Rukku Manni really wanted to ask?

Ans.      Annoyed was Rukku Manni when she heard about the missing of the chappals of the music master. She came out and wanted to ask whether they saw the chappals being stolen.

ii)    Why did she change her question?

Ans. She was about to ask then about the whereabouts of the chappals of the music master. But she found them against the situation i.e. they were suspiciously quiet. All on a sudden she felt and suspected them to have done something with the vanishing of the slippers.

iii)  What did she think had happened?

Ans. Rukku Manni might have doubted that those three had hidden the slippers of the music master in a childish frolic.

Q.5. On getting Gopu Mama’s Chappals, the music master tried not to look happy. Why?

Ans. The music master pretended to look unhappy for he wanted to show his irritation and grudge for the act done. The poor beggar with blistered feet was in miserable condition. When he got the slippers, he was gratified to the utmost. And though the music master eyes lit up for the almost new chappals, he ostentatiously, presented himself unhappy.

Q.6. On getting the gift of chappals, the beggar vanished in a minute. Why was he is such a hurry to leave?

Ans. It was like a boon to the beggar when he got the pair of chappals. He created a sense of pity in the children showing his blisters on his bare feet. Ignored by Rukku Manni when the beggar showed his concern for hot road, Ravi gave him the chappals of the music master. Without wasting the opportunity the beggar stepped in and was vanished so that there would be nobody to stop.

Q.7. Walking towards the kitchen with Mridu and Meena, Rukku Manni began to laugh. What made her laugh?

Ans. Rukku Manni recollected a habitual fact of Gopu Mama. He always puts on slippers after coming from the office. Rukku Manni laughed thinking about the reaction of Gopu Mama would give when he would listen that his chappals are given to the music master for the music master’s one is donated to the beggar.

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