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·         Name – Paul Stewart
·         Born – 1955
·         Famous as writer for children’s stories, and adult novels
·         Notable works-

1)      The edge chronicles
2)      The thought domain
3)      Truk
4)      The Immortals

·         Awards – 1) Smarties Prize (2004)   Gold medal.
1)      Smarties Prize (2005) Silver medal.
2)      Smarties Prize )2006) Silver medal.


Page – 73

1.      According to the newspaper what had happened to Sebastian Shultz?

Ans:     The newspaper with the headline “Miracle Recovery” highlighted the recovery of Sebastian Shultz from coma. He was a 14 year old lad from South London who was badly injured in a motorway accident six weeks ago. When he was brought to the hospital, doctors described his condition to critical but stable. Despite doctor’s hopes the boy did not win back his consciousness. He was in the state of coma.

2.      ‘Dad’s nutty about computers: What evidence is there to support the statement?

Ans:     Indeed, dad is fanatic about computers. He knows how to be updated with the latest computer configurations and related gadgets. In his possession he is proud to have a computer of Pentium 150 Mhz4 processor, with 256 of RAM, a 1.2 Gb hard disk drive and 16 speed CDROM, complete with speakers, printer, modems and scanner. He is even crazy about games and related gadgets. Recently he bought a virtual reality visor, glove and a few interactive psycho drive games.

3.      what way the second game seem very real?

Ans:     With perfect realistic characterization and positive circumstances, the second game appeals us to be a real life one. When Michael reached Princess Aurora she squealed “my hero” and these “rescue me now” seemed to us to be authentic. And then when they were chased by the dragons in close pursuit, the anxious Sebastian’s call ‘quick’, “when there’s still time”, “ The dungeons, “They are our only hope “ take us into the real realm of the games.

4.      The last game has tanks, jeeps, helicopters, guns and headings would you put this and the other games under?

Ans:     In the last game ‘warzone’ we come across tanks, jeeps, helicopters, guns etc. the game starts in an unknown warzone where there are many tall buildings. The buildings were windowless and riddling. Machine gun raked the sky. Walls tumbled. Bombs exploded. Michael had to save Sebastian. They went to the helicopter in a jeep. A tank was behind them in close pursuit. The tank crashed against the jeep and threw Sebastian out saving him accidently. This game in particular and all other games can be put under the category of ‘psycho drive games’.

5.      What was Michael’s theory about how Sebastian had entered the game ?

Ans:     Michael is the only one who accessed in and out of Sebastian’s existence. Michael is the only person who saved him in the game and found a possible explanation of his entering the game. As per him during the accident I Michael was busy in playing one of the psycho-drive games in his laptop. And when he had the accident, his memory got saved in the game and he himself went in coma. And Michael met with him when he bought those stolen games which he bought from the computer fair.

Page – 78

B) Reference to the context: -
1.      ‘that was my idea’ said Sebastian excitedly’ – If only it would go a bit faster.

a)      Where was Sebastian when he spoke these words?

Ans: Sebastian was in the game ‘jailbreak”. Along with Michael he has climbed the stairs and came on the roof.

b)     What was his idea, and what was he referring to?

Ans: This idea was to reach the roof do dodging the guards and escape with the help of a helicopter.

            He was referring to the helicopter, the only hope to escape.

c)      Was the idea a good one, and did he eventually succeed? How?

Ans: Yeah, the idea was the apt one. The idea did not work for him in the game ‘Jailbreak. Sebastian was unable keep his nerve in front of the ferocious dogs and failed to save himself. But in the next game he was toying with the same idea and waited for an accident, and it did happen that he was saved accidentally and helicopter proved to be the right thinking.

2.      a) Why did the news of the miracle recovery shock Michael ?

Ans: It was beyond imagination to Michael to come across with the ‘miracle recovery’ story because he never imagined that the character in the game i.e. Sebastian whom he saved, really did exist. He was in utmost shock because according to the article, the boy, Sebastian was so long in the coma where as Michael saved him in the game in the same duration.

b)     Michael’s meeting with Sebastian had been a chance meeting. Where had it taken place and how?

Ans: Indeed, the meeting of Michael with Sebastian had occurred by chance and of course a positive one. After the accident of Sebastian, his games were stolen and coincidentally Michael bought those games. When Michael played one of the first games named, ‘wildwest’ he found Sebastian in the form of a sheriff and almost of his age.

c)      What kind of computers fascinated Michael and his dad? Why?

Ans: Michael and his dad had been fanatic about computers. They had updated computer with Pentium 150 Mhz processor, 256 RAM, hard drive, printer scanner everything. They are even crazy about games, Michael has already played, tornado,  me babash, black belt etc. Michae’ls father is even crazy about gadgets and gizmos. Recently he bought visor glove for the latest psycho-drive games.

d)     Describe the first place where Michael was virtually transported.

Ans: Returning from the computer fair Michael launched himself off into the first game named ‘wildwest’. He found himself transported on a dusty track in the centre of the town. He had a sheriff’s badge pinned to his shirt. He went into a salon through the swing doors and ordered a drink named sarsaparilla and there started the game.

e)      What help did Sebastian Shultz ask Michael for? How did he convey this massage?

Ans: Sebastian’s memory was trapped in the game he was playing at the time of accident. He wanted to revive himself. So when he found Michael playing the game, he requested him to retrieve him.

            Sebastian used to communicate through the printer which was connected with game. He instructed Michael through this printer each and every step required to retrieve him.

f)       Why did Michael fail in rescuing Sebastian Shultz in the first game?
Ans. In the first game of ‘wildwest’ Michael was in confusion about what he ought to do in the game. He was even confused when he found the presence of another sheriff. They both made futile effort of escaping and got themselves on a horseback. But the foes had been in close pursuit and eventually shot Sebastian to death.

g)      The Second attempt to rescue Sebastian Shultz too was disastrous. Give reasons.

Ans. The second game too proved to be futile to Michael. After he received the message from Sebastian to try ‘JAILBREAK’ he attempted the game. Both were in a cell and Sebastian was his cell mate – 02478. Using a Skeleton swipe card they were soon out of the cell. Dodging the guards they reached the roof. There Sebastian meant the helicopter for their rescue. Before they could go, guards appeared with ferocious dogs. Sebastian, out of fear, tumbled backwards and failed the game.

h)     Narrate the incident that injured Sebastian Shultz.

Ans. Sebastian got badly injured in the game of ‘JAILBREAK’ Michacl and Sebastian got out of the prison cell using a skeleton swipe card . Then they dodged the guards climbed the stairs and came on the roof. Sebastian had already planned for a helicopter. But before their departure , guards appeared with vicious dogs which had dripping of jowls. Seeing the dogs   hurtling towards twin Sebastian got nervous and tried to move backwards. But he moved back and fell from roof in got himself badly injured.

i)        How had Sebastian Shultz entered the games?

Ans: When Sebastian had the accident, he was playing one of the psycho drive games in his laptop. His head was plugged to computer. When he had the accident, his memory got saved in the game he was playing. His memory got stored in the disk which Michael bought from the computer fair. When Michael started the game he found Sebastian in the weird versions of the games.   

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