Sunday, 23 February 2014


A)        Read the given extract and answer the questions that follow     (3)

            1. “Oh! “
                        a) What is the source of the word?
                        b) How was the protagonist lucky to have the word in comparison to others?
                        c) Write down at least two expressions which are possible with this very word.

            2. “………………….I like no hoodoos”               (3)

                        a) Name the speaker.
                        b) What is here the source of the hoodoo?
                        c) How was the hoodoo finished?

            3. “…………….there must be some kind of an accident”                  (3)

                        a) What is the source of the line?
                        b) In which game does the accident take place?
                        c) Write down the two things of the accident.

            4. “………………………..was beyond his wildest dreams”                     (3)

                        a) What was beyond wildest dreams?
                        b) Name the person who brought the news to the protagonist?
                        c) What was the age of the protagonist?

b)         Answer the following questions in about 30 to 40 words.

a) What was the attitude of Patol Babu’s wife to Patol Babu’s chance for acting in the film?

b) How does the word ‘Helen’ create tension between Mr. Hallock and his wife?
c) How far do you call the fiction ‘Virtually True’ to be fanciful?

d) “Michael had won over the game and did not save the real boy Sebastian” – comment critically.

e) What is the importance of Ouija board in the story ‘A shady plot?

f) Who is Gogon Pakrashi? How did he influence Patol Babu?

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