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a) How do the Heavens ‘blaze forth’ the death of Julius Caesar?

Ans:- The heavens do commence the ultimate demise of Caesar through several omens. Horrifying and shivering and the outcomes as interpreted  in giving birth of a lioness in the street, opening of the graves with dead bodies stirring, warriors fighting upon the clouds, drizzling of blood on the capitol along with the shrinking and squealing of ghosts around do epitomize the heavenly hint of Caesar’s gathering to forefathers.

b) What does Calpurnia try to convince Caesar of ?

Ans:- Calpurnia dreamt of Caesar’s statue sprouting blood through different holes with vigorous smiling Romans saturating their hands in his blood. She apprehended those to be ill omens which bring immense exigency in the life of Caesar. We find her trying heaven and earth to keep Caesar at home. Kneeling down she begs Caesar to abdicate his wish to attend capitol.

c) Why does Calpurnia say Caesar’s wisdom is consumed in confidence? Why does she mean?

Ans:- In total atrabilious state Calpurnia utters above quoted line. Calpurnia’s repeated pledge with different logics went in vain. Caesar acted as an overconfident person who admonishes Calpurnia with his extravagant valiance but impractical futile logics. As adduced by Calpurnia, in spite of having the quality of magi, Caesar turned blind to his wisdom.

d) What does Calpurnia dream about Caesar? How does Decius Brutus interpret the dream?

Ans:- Calpurnia dreamt an utterly horrible vision in which from unnumbered holes of Caesar’s statue came out drizzles of blood. And vigorous and smiling Romans were saturating the hands in the blood of Caesar. She deciphered the dream as a symbol necrosis of Caesar. Decius Brutus with his wicked thought interpreted the dream as a positive one. According to him the dream bears indeed a fruitful result. Romans in the dream considered Caesar to be the begetter of inspiration and strength, source of vitality and supreme posterity bringing prosperity for Romans.

e) What are the arguments put forward by Decius Brutus to convince Caesar to go to the capitol?

Ans:- As per the planning made by the conspirators, Decius Brutus was on his heel to Caesar’s house. On hearing the denial and reasoning from Caesar, Decius stated the fact that the senate had concluded to endow the crown to Caesar. His denial might change the decision of the senators and Decius himself would be an object of laughter and fun if he conveyed that Caesar’s absence was due to the fear of a lady’s dream. Besides, his positive interpretation of the dream took Caesar to the capitol, Caesar’s hell.

f) Why is Decius more successful in persuading Caesar than Calpurnia?

Ans:- Altogether Caesar was a positive person. Calpurnia considered her dream to be ill omen and indication to Caesar’s death demise. On the contrary Decius deciphered the dream to be an immensely positive one and with the example of crowning proved the demand and interpretation to be auspicious.

g) What is the petition put before Caesar by the conspirators? How does Caesar respond to it?

Ans:- The excluding ostracism of Publius, brother of Metellus Cimber was the pivotal point of petition. All the followers of Judas wanted to revoke the sentence of exile passed against Publius

            Caesar scorned Metellus saying that no amount of flattery can change his decision and he is never wrong in passing a decree. He brags his being constant with that of northern star and turns them down of their petition.

h) Who says “Et tu Brute”? When are these words spoken?  Why?

Ans:- Out of stupefaction Caesar uttered this after Brutus stabbed him. Caesar considered Brutus to be his angel. He had immense faith over Brutus to be his loyal and friend. Brutus’ stabbing Caesar was beyond his wildest dreams. His dearest friend Brutus was a part of conspiracy, was just a bold from the blue.

i) In the moments following Caesar’s death, what do the conspirators proclaim to justify Caesar’s death?

Ans:- After Caesar’s assassination, the conspirators proclaimed liberty, democracy and freedom. They gave the excuse that they killed Caesar to bring an end to dictatorship and establish democracy. Cassius calls upon the murderers of Caesar to bend and wash their hands and daggers in Caesar’s blood, the work which will never be forgotten in history.

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j) Was Caesar really ambitious? Find evidence from the play to support your answer.

Ans:- In no way Caesar was ambitious.

            Antony, the faithful friend of assassinated Caesar, unfolded the true fact to the common mass of Rome. He said that Caesar had filled the national treasure demolishing the foes; he had heart of apathy which cried for the poor; he refused the crown thrice; he left seventy five drachmas for all the people of Rome; he left his fields, garden and orchards for the common people and these show that Caesar was not an ambitious person.

2)  What was Cassius’s motive for murdering Caesar?

Ans:- The real villain of Caesar’s assassination was Cassius. He was jealous and afraid of the increasing power and influence of Caesar. Out of envy he hatched a conspiracy and included Brutus and others with the logic i.e. Caesar should be killed to save Rome and people of Rome. Rome and people of Rome were secondary reasons and his envy and safety was the primary reason for murdering Caesar. 
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