Tuesday, 28 January 2014


1)      ‘I met a traveler from an antique land
who said,” Two vast and trunkless legs
 of stone stand in the desert
Near then, on the sand, Half sunk,
 a Shattered visage lies”.

a) What had happened to the trunk of the statue? –

i)                    It had fallen down
ii)                   Time had claimed it 
iii)                 The wind had swept it.
iv)                 The desert had claimed it

b) How did the human face look?-

i)                    Broken and shattered
ii)                   Half sunk
iii)                 In pieces
iv)                 Separate from the body.

c) When did the narrator meet the traveler? –

i)                    After they had gone to the ancient land?
ii)                   After the traveler visited the ancient land?
iii)                 When the traveler was coming from the ancient land?
iv)                 When they met in the ancient land.

2)      He holds him with his skinny hand
”There was a ship quoth he
”Hold off! Unhand me, gray-beard loon
eftsoons his hand dropt he.

a) Who is ’he’ and who is ‘him’ in the first line?-

i)                    Mariner, guest
ii)                   guest, mariner
iii)                 Mariner, mariner
iv)                 guest, guest.

b) He holds him with his skinny hand –

i)                    To examine his physical strength
ii)                  To enjoy his company
iii)                 To narrate to him his cursed story.
iv)                 to play a prank on him.

c) ‘Him’ was -------------on holding his hand –

i)                    happy
ii)                  Scared
iii)                 angry
iv)                 None of these.

3)      ‘And I had done a hellish thing
, And it would work’ em woe.
 For all averted, I had killed the bind
 That made the breeze to blow”.

a)      ‘I’ is –

i) Mariner
 ii) Wedding guest
 iii) A young soldier
iv)  Albatross

b) What was the hellish thing? –

i)                    Water getting dried up
ii)                   spilling of Ice
iii)                 Killing of albatross
iv)                 Quarrel with other sailors.

c) The literary device in the last line is

i)                    metaphor
ii)                  alliteration
iii)                 repetition
iv)                 Transferred epithet.

4)      ‘And looked around like a God, unseeing, into the air,
And slowly turned his head
And slowly, very slowly, as if thrice adream,
 Proceeded to draw his slow strength curving around.

a) Which of the best explains the meaning of the expression? “Unseeing, into the air?-

i)                    In a carefree, easy and fearless manner
ii)                   unable to see in the air
iii)                 Deliberately ignoring others
iv)                 Being forced and aloof

b) Where does ‘he’ move to? –

i)                    Mount Etna
ii)                   the poet
iii)                 The water trough
iv)                 a hole in the wall.

a)      The literary device used in line 1 is –

i)                    simile
ii)                   metaphor
iii)                 Pun
iv)                 Personification. 

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