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·         Name- Kit Wright

·         Born – 17 June 1944, Crockhan Hill

·         Kit Wright has written more than twenty five books on children and adults.

·         Famous works –
1)      Bear looked over the mountain.

2) Short afternoon.

·         Awards -         1) Heinemann Award (1991)

2) Cholmondeley Award (1995)


            Kit Wright presents a humorous picture of the assay of dad in bringing down a cat. He is overconfident and ever inspiring. He never gets dejected because of his failures. As a cat climbed up on the tree, he made every possible effort to bring it down. He used a ladder, tried to swing on a branch, tried to jump upon the tree, but did not succeed.


1.         Why was dad sure he wouldn't fall?

Ans:-    Dad was overconfident about his ability. He considered himself as a skillful climber and even bragged that climbing a tree is a child’s play and there is no chance for him to fall.

2.         Which phrase in the poem expresses Dad’s self confidence best?

Ans:-    The poem is filled with dad’s over confident remarks about his abilities. The phrase which means the best is –

                        “as easy as winking”.

3.         Describe plan A and its consequences.

Ans:-    Dad thought of taking the help of a ladder to bring the cat down. He took the ladder and made an effort to climb to reach to the cat. But the ladder slipped and he fell on the flower bed.

4.         Plan C was a success. What went wrong then?

Ans:-    Indeed Dad’s Plan ‘C’ was a success. Dad wanted to reach to the cat to bring it down. Dad really reached to the cat but with different result. Dad jumped on the tree and fell on the cat. The cat on the other hand out of fear gave a big yell and jumped on the land and dad got stuck on the tree – trunk.

Q. 5.   The cat was very happy to be on the ground. Pick out the phrase used to express this idea.

Ans:-    The cat was indeed happy to land on the ground.

            The phrase which shows this is –

            “Pleased as punch to be

            Safe and sound.”

Q.6      Describe the cat and Dad situation in the beginning and  at the end of the poem.

Ans:-    If we take a meticulous look, we shall find Dad and the cat changing their position from the beginning to the end of the poem. At the beginning the cat was on the tree and Dad was trying to bring the cat down. But at the end the cat was on the ground and Dad was stuck on the trunk of the tree.

Q.7      Why and when did Dad say each of the following?

i)                    Fall- This word was said when Dad made his first attempt with ladder.

ii)                  Never mind – This was spoken when Dad was unsuccessful in his first attempt.

iii)                Funny Joke – This was said when Dad was about to go for Plan – B

            iv)         Rubbish – This was uttered when Dad was unsuccessful in Plan B and about to start Plan – C.

Q.8      Do you find the poem humorous? Read aloud lines when make you laugh ?

Ans:-    From the beginning till the end the poem is an excellent embodiment of humour. The lines which make us laugh are-

i)                    “He got out the ladder
From the garden shed
                           It slipped. He landed
                            In the flower bed
ii)                  “Then he swung himself up
 on a branch. I broke”.

iii)                He gave a great leap
And he landed flat
In the crook of the tree-trunk- Right on the cat!”

iv)                “So it’s smiling and smirking
Snug as can be
 But poor old Dad’s still
Stuck up the tree.

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