Saturday, 21 December 2013


2 (Two marks)

1)         Tell us the structure of the poem.

2)         How is poetic license in use in the poem?

3)         What is the message of the poem?

4)         Name some sweets which are named here? Bring out the irony of the word ‘sweet’.

5)         Explain – “My conscience gets horribly pricked”

6)         The poet wants to expiate something. What is it and how?

7)         Acquaint us with the refrain of the poem?

8)         What do you understand by ‘reckonin’ and beckonin ?

9)         What troubles of teeth did the poet say here?

10)       How could the poet avoid the tooth decay?

1 (one) marks  

1)         “oh, I wish I’d looked after me teeth
            And spotted the perils beneath”

            i) What do you understand by perils?

            ii) Why did he get perils?

            iii) Which poetic device is used in the fourth line?

2)         “To- pass up gob stoppers’

            i) What is gobstoppers?
            ii) What do you understand by ‘fillin’?

            iii) What is ‘me choppers’?

3)         “my conscience gets horribly pricked”

            i) What is ‘liquorice’?

            ii) Which tone do you get in the quoted line?

            iii) Which poetic devise is use in line three?

4)         “ Didn't seem worth the time – I could bite!’

            i) Explain the line in brief.

            ii) What do you understand by ‘Pokin and fussin’?

            iii) Does the above line convey dislike for tooth care? – how?

5)         ‘I’d have thrown all me sherbet away”

            i) Name three oral – trouble mentioned in this stanza.

            ii) Which poetic device is used in line  two?

            iii) When would the poet throw all me sherbet away?

6)         “Two amalgam, “he’ll say, “for in there.”

            i) Why is the word amalgam mis-spelt?

            ii) Write down the lines which show the use of the poetic device of ‘Anaphora’.

            iii) What do you understand by molars’?

7)         “How I laughed at my mother’s false teeth.”

i) Why did the speaker laugh at her mother’s false teeth?

ii) What is the irony in the quoted line?
iii) “It’s me they are beckonin” – who are ‘they’ here?


Written By Badal Paul
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