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2 (Two marks)

1)         What do you understand by term “professor”?

2)         Give a description of the physique of “Private Quelch”

3)         What happened in the lesson of musketry?

4)         What happened when the sergeant tried to take revenge on the Professor?

5)         Establish how “Private Quelch” is extraordinary in all aspects.

6)         Explain – “horrible heartiness”

7)         How did the other soldiers try to counter ‘private Quetch”?

8)         “Private Quelch was condescending: - Discuss.

9)         What were the negativities of Private Quelch?

10)       Narrate the incident of aircraft recognition.

11)       Evaluate the character of corporal Turnbull.

12)       How did Private Quelch interrupt to corporal’s class?

13)       What did corporal do to Private Quelch when he questioned about his way of teaching?

14)       What was the punishment of Private Quelch? How did he get it?

15)       Do you support the punishment of Private Quelch? Give reasons.

1 mark (one mark)

1)         “………. I need to only draw your attention to the sheer waste of vitamin values ….’

            i) Who is the speaker?

            ii) What is the situation?

            iii) What reflection do you form about the speaker from the line?

2)         “………….for permanent cook house duties, I, have decided Private Quelch is the just man for the job.”

            i) Who is the speaker?

            ii) Did Private Quelch expect this duty?

            iii) Why was he given this punishment?

3)         “The squeal listened in a cowed, horrified kind of silence”

            i) About whom the squad was afraid?

            ii) Why were they horrified?

            iii) What was the ultimate outcome?

4)         “Forty four segments”

            i) Who is the speaker?

            ii) In what situation does the speaker say this?

            iii) What does this statement reflect about the character of the speaker?

5) “What could a gang of louts like us do with a man like that?”

            i) Who is the man?

            ii) What did the man do?

            iii) What do you understand by the term ‘drone’?

6)         “We tried to hit at him with clumsy sarcasms and practical jokes”

            i) “Who is ‘him’ here?

            ii) Why was he hit with sarcasms and practical jokes?

            iii) What were the outcomes of these kits?

7)         “What about a song chaps?

            i) Who is t he speaker?

            ii) In which situation did t he speaker say this?

            iii) How many miles did they have route march?

8)         “It’s all a matter of intelligent reading”

            i) Who is the speaker?

            ii) When does he say so?

            iii) Tell us in short about intelligent reading

9)         “You had any training before?”

            i) Who is t he speaker?

            ii) Why does he say so?

            iii) What was the target of the speaker in army?

10)       “The muzzle velocity or speed at which the bullet leaves the rifle …………”

            i) Who is t he speaker?

            ii) What was the correction of this statement?

            iii) In which lesson does the speaker say this?

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