Thursday, 19 December 2013


A) Read the given extracts and answer the following questions-

1)      “Higher and higher every day
Till over the most at noon
The wedding guest here beat his breast
For he heard the loud bassoon.”

a)      In the first line who or what goes higher and higher –

        I.            Albatross
      II.            Sun
    III.            Moon
   IV.            Mariner

b)     The loud bassoon refers to –

        I.            Sound coming from the ship
      II.            Sound of waves
    III.            Sound of music to welcome his birds.
   IV.            All of the above.

c) Why did the wedding guest beat his breast?

        I.            He was frustrated that he that he couldn’t attend the wedding
      II.            He was feeling sick
    III.            The wedding guest was angry to hear the mariners tale
   IV.            None of the above

2. “Half sunk, a shattered visage lies
Whose frown and wrinkled lip
And sneer of cold command
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless thing.”

a) Whose ‘visage’ lies half sunk? –

i)                    An idol
ii)                   Ozymandias
iii)                Poet
iv)                A tourist.

b) What expression does the visage wield?

i)                    gaiety
ii)                   grief
iii)                 zeal
iv)                 Contempt.

c) This man whose statue is half sunk in the desert was –

i)                    kind
ii)                   patient
iii)                 humble
iv)                 Arrogant.

3) “The thing was going around faster than ever and she was reading the message silently, with her brow corrugated, and the light of the huntress in her pale blue eyes.”

a) What is the thing here –?

i)                    Hallock’s pen
ii)                   Helen’s spirit
iii)                 Ouija board
iv)                Laura’s finger

b) Who is she here –?

i)                    Lavinia
ii)                   Helen
iii)                 Mrs. Hunt
iv)                 Laura.

c) What message was she reading? –

i)                    Hallock must stop taking help of ghosts
ii)                  Hallock must stop the party
iii)                Hallock was a traitor
iv)                Helen was trying to catch attention of Hallock. 

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