Thursday, 19 December 2013

GRAMMAR Voice change

Voice change

Change the voice of the following

1) People know that he is a good swimmer

2) They say that Francis is in hospital

3) The think that the children are in bed

4) We would pick you up

5) She would order a pizza  

6) Would they decorate the room?  

7) Have you changed the flat tyre of your bike?

8) Sharpen the knife.

9) He will decorate his living room.

10) Will you translate this book?

11) Where do you repair your car?

12) What animals do you keep?

13) Who asked her to come?

14) Turn off the television

15) Revise your book

16) Do not beat the dog

17) Do not touch it  

18) Get out

19) Kill me  

20) Let us go for a walk  

21) May God bless you  

22) She is to do the job

23) I should like someone to take me out to dinner

24) It is time to call the roll.

25) A pen is to write with.

26) They left without playing the match.

27) Quinine tastes bitter.

28) That cloth will wear thin.

29) The thief was arrested.

30) One must do one’s duty.

31) Thank God.

32) Alas! I shall see him no more.

33) Grass grows over the fields. 

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