Thursday, 26 December 2013


Change the speech

1) He said, “I walk for an hour every morning “.

2) The boy, “Two and two make four”

3) He said, “He can play cricket well, can’t he?”

4) He said to me, “You did not do much damage to the book, did you?”

5) “Where had you been yesterday? I asked her

6) “How smart you are!” she said.

7) He said, “Let us wait for the reward.”

8) “You’d better slow down. There is a speed limit here,’ she said to me.

9) “Did they understand what you said to them?” he asked me.

10) “Do whatever you like”. She said to us.

11) “Don’t take your coat off. We are going out again in a moment,” she said him.

12) “Shall I tell him what happened? She asked me.

13) “If I am not back by this time tomorrow; take this letter to the police,” he said.

14) Bill says, “I am enjoying my holiday”

15) He asks, “Where does Mr. Simpson live?”

16) Ann asked, “Where does his brother park his car?”

17) Tom said, “I have been learning Chinese since 1998’.

18) He said to me, “You won’t succeed as long as you don’t practice”

19) He said to me, “Who is Peter?”

20) She said, “what do you feel when you look in the mirror?”

21) “Where have you been waiting since you phoned me?” he said.

22) “Why does he read so many magazines?” She asked

23) She said, “I have never been to a musical classic concert but my parents have”.

24) He said, “When I do my homework, I put my radio on”.

25) He said, “Wow! What a nice shirt it is”.

26) He said, “How tall the building is!”

27) He said, “Ah! The time has elapsed”.

28) He said, “Let me come in”.

29) She Said, “Let us support him.”

30) She said, “I had been talking about the solution”.

Written By Badal Paul
The author is a passionate blogger, writer and educationalist. This blog is created to ease troubles of the Cbse students. The author holds multiple blogs and the writer of the Novel KALCHAKRA, OOM AND THE CHOSEN FIVE.