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·          Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

·         Born – August 8, 1896, Washington, D.C. USA.

·         Died - December 14, 1953, St. Augustine, Florida, USA.

·         Famous works – “The yearling (1938)”, “The Secret River”(1955), “Black Secret”(1945), “Varmints”(1936) etc.

·         She was an apt writer providing details of Florida.

·         She won Pulitzer Prize (1939) for “The yearling”.


            The extract “This is Jody’s Fawn” is taken from Marjorie Kinnan Rawling”s  famous fiction “The yearling” . It was published in the year of 1938 and was sold more than 250,000 Copies in 1938 in USA.


1. Ezra Baxter (Penny) - Father of Jody. He was bitten by a rattle snake in his hand. Jody and his father killed a doe , used its heart and liver and got saved. He allowed his son Jody to bring the fawn back home and raise it.

2. Ora baxter (mother) – Mother of Jody. She has even allowed Jody to bring the fawn back and raise it .

3. Mill – WheelA forester. He went with mill wheel to find the fawn. But Jody left him in the forest to avoid him seeing his emotions about the fawn.

4. Dec – WilsonA forester. He supported Jody’s wish to bring the fawn and repay the help of the mother of the fawn.

5. FlagJody kept this name to his fawn. He searched it, found it and brought it home to raise it.


q. 1. What had happened to Jody’s father?

Ans:- The family of Jody used live in the forests .One day while moving in the forests Jody’s father got bitten by a rattle snake. Jody saved his father’s life with the help of the liver and the heart of the doe they killed.

Q. 2. How did the doe save penny’s life?

Ans:- Jody’s father penny was bitten by a rattle snake. As it was a forest, they had to rely on the cures available at hand. So, they killed a doe. Jody used the heart and the liver of doe to draw out the poison to save his father.

Q. 3.  Why does Jody want to bring the fawn home?

Ans:- Jody knew that the fawn was killed to save the life of his father. And now the fawn is in a situation of peril. It used to feed on mother’s milk. Now it must be angry. It must be in the danger of being killed by other animals. He felt sympathy for the fawn and felt that it was his responsibility to protect and bring up the fawn. Out of pricking of conscience Jody made his mind to bring the fawn home and raise it.

Q. 4. How does Jody know that the fawn is a male?

Ans:- Jody got to know from his father the way of identifying the sex of a fawn. His father told him that a ‘he’ fawn will have the spots all in a line and in a doe fawn the spots will be in all directions. While killing its mother, Jody saw the fawn and identified it to be a male.


Q. 1 Jody did not want Mill – Wheel with him for two reasons. What were they?

Ans:- Jody took the assistance of Mill – Wheel to find the fawn. But on the way, Jody did not want him to be with him to find the fawn. Firstly, if the fawn found dead or could not be found, he did not want to expose his disappointment. Secondly, for the positive, if he is able to find the fawn, his emotions, love, and mirth would be so expressive that he did not want Mill – Wheel to witness it.

Q. 2. Why was Mill – Wheel afraid to leave Jody alone?

Ans:- The forest was savage. Any moment danger might fall upon. Jody was a little kid. Mill wheel was worried about his safety and his being lost in the forest. His worries were higher as just the previous day his father was a victim of a rattle – snake.


Q. 1. How did Jody bring the fawn back home?

Ans:- After a few moments futile search, Jody spotted the fawn He was very careful because  he did not  want to create a situation where the fawn gets afraid and escapes. First he came close to it saying ‘it’s me’ and then he stroked it soft and carried through the forest. He carried fawn with extra care considering it to be china deer. He protected the fawn from the prickly vines and thick bushes. On his way once he put the fawn down to check his father’s words that if a fawn is carried once, will follow afterwards. And the fawn really followed. They reached home opening the latch but the fawn did not want to climb stairs. Then Jody picked him and brought in front of his father.

Q.2. Jody was filled with emotion after he found the fawn. Can you find at least three words on phrases which show how he felt?

Ans:- Indeed Jody was extremely happy after  he found the fawn.

1) When Jody was carrying the fawn, he was light headed with his joy”.

2) When Jody found the fawn, he touched it and the touch made him ‘delirious’.

3) When Jody came to Penny with the fawn, it seemed to Penny that ‘the boy’s eyes were as bright as the fawn’s’.

3) How did the deer drink milk from the gourd?

Ans:- When Jody poured the milk in the gourd, the fawn butted and bleated frantically. The smell of the milk made the fawn crazy. It did not know how to drink the milk. Jody dipped his fingers into the milk and put it into the mouth of the fawn. At the touch and taste of the milk the fawn sucked his fingers. Then Jody slowly brought his hands down into the gourd which brought the mouth of the fawn also into the gourd. After that the fawn drank the milk to its heart’s content.

4) Why didn’t the fawn follow Jody up the steps as he thought it would?

Ans:- The fawn was very young and as well as the fawn was habituated living in a forest. So, when Jody brought the fawn to his house and expected it to follow after him, it did not. Besides, the fawn never learnt how to climb steps.


1)  Why did Penny Baxter allow Jody to go find the fawn and raise it?

Ans:- Penny could never believe the fact the he was alive and it was  only for the mother of the fawn. They killed the mother of the fawn to save Penny’s life. And now if they leave the fawn alone to starve and die, it will be injustice to the fawn. They were to accomplish their duty of repaying the help done by the fawn’s mother. So, when Jody requested his father to allow him. Penny gave his consent to find the fawn and raise it.

Q. 2. What did Doc Wilson mean when he said, “Nothing in the world ever comes quite free”?

Ans:- Truly this world gives us nothing in free. To get or achieve something we need to pay for the same. And if we are given something, we need to repay the same. According to Doc Wilson as Penny’s life was saved by the life of doe, so it is their responsibility to repay i.e. bringing the fawn and raise it.

Q. 3. How did Jody look after the fawn, after he accepted the responsibility for doing this?

Ans:- Jody raised himself up to the position of a protector and careful mother after he accepted the responsibility for doing this. He had held the fawn in such a way as if it was china deer and would break. He covered its face to shield it from the thick bushes and prickling vines. He sacrificed his own milk and gave it milk after he brought it home. He fed it with his own hands accomplishing full responsibility.

4) How does Jody’s mother react when she heard that he is going to bring the fawn home? Why does a she react in this way?

Ans:- Jody’s mother was perplexed when she heard that Jody was going to bring the fawn back home with his father’s consent. She questioned Jody about the fawn. Then Jody told her that Penny’s life was saved in exchange of the life of a doe and the fawn belongs to that doe. So he wanted to bring it to raise. At this she said that, there was nothing to feed it except milk.

Jody’s mother was not acquainted with the doe and the fawn and did not know how the doe saved her husband’s life. Besides, she could not think that Jody would think in such a positive way. 

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