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About the Author

·         Sharada Dwivedi

·         Born - 1942, Mumbai.

·         Died – 6 February, 2012 Mumbai .

·         Sharada Dwivedi was a Historian and researcher. Some of her famous books are –

·         Bombay, The Cities Within (1995)

·         Banganga, Sacred tank (1996)

·         Fort walks (1999)


Unit – I

1.      Monster – A creature which is monstrous in size and harms people.

2.      Afford – To be able to/manage.

3.      Crook – A criminal/swindler.

4.      Starving – To suffer from extreme poverty and food.

5.      Meals – Food taken at particular time.

6.      Rubbish – Worthless/Nonsense.

7.      Interrupted- Disturbed.

8.      Scars – A mark left by a healed by burn.

9.      Shoot out – Gunfight between a criminal and police.

10.  Unsure – Uncertain.

11.  Annoyed – To disturb/ irritate.

12.  Obviously – Without any doubt.
13.  Upset – To disturb mentally or emotionally

14.  Thrust – To push forcibly.

15.  Peek – To look secretly/furtively.

16.  Disappointed – Depressed or discouraged.

17.  Detective – An investigator to find information and evidence.

18.  Patting – To tap/strike a gently.

19.  Tips – A small gift of money.

20.  Stout – fat/bulky

21.  Trap- A trick for catching a person.

22.  Sighed – to let out someone’s breath in sorrow.

23.  Retorted – To answer in against.

24.  Accompanied – To go along with.

25.  Blending – A situation where you see nothing.

26.  Flashers – A flash of lightning.

27.  Roaring – loud deep sound.

28.  Down pour – heavy rainfall.

Unit – II

1.       Tummy – stomach

2.      No dded – bending of the head to approve

3.      Tenants – people who stay on

4.      Scared – afraid

5.      Occurred – took place/happened.

6.      Bribing – money or anything given for an illegal work.

7.      Glared – to look angrily

8.      Fed up – disgusted/bored

9.      Co-operate – to work or act together.

10.  Oaf – A stupid person.

11.  Recognize – Identify.

12.  Stubbornly -  stubbornly – Adamantly

13.  Cops – Police.

14.  Merely – Slightly/hardly.

15.  Impression – influence.


Q.1. What did Nishad give Mr. Nath and why?

Ans: - On Nishad’s mother’s  birthday, Nishad had gone out with his mother at Girgaum. On his way he met Mr. Nath. He gave him a bar of chocolate. As per speculations, he thought that Mr. Nath was starving and was poor. So he gave the chocolate to him.

Q.2. what is strange about Mr. Nath’s Sundays?

Ans: - Mr. Nath spends his Sundays with a bit of change comparing to other days. On Sundays, he stays with the company of another person. The man is tall, fair, stout and puts on spectacles. Ramesh said that his visitor also takes meal with Mr. Nath on every Sunday. Besides, he talks a lot.

Q.3. why did Nishad and Maya get a holiday?

Ans:- At the end of the summer holidays their school was supposed to resume. But, because of the starting of heavy monsoon down pour, the streets were flooded and no traffic could pass through the flooded roads. So, they got a holiday.


Q. 1. What does Nishad find out, about Mr. Nath from Ramesh?

Arrange the information as suggested below.
·         What he eats
·          When he eats.
·         What he drinks and when
·         How he pays

Ans: - Like an expert detective Nishad collected information about Mr. Nath.

·         What he eats - According to Ramesh, Mr. Nath was not very particular about eating. Everyday he used to finish his meals with same food. He took two chapattis, some dal and a vegetable.

·         When he eats – Mar. Nath took food twice a day. He took meals in the morning and in the evening.

·         What he drinks and when. – Mr. Nath took two drinks in a day similar to his meals. He took tea in the morning and in the afternoon.

·         How he pays – Mr. Nath was generous. According to Ramesh, Mr. Nath, paid him good tips for his service.

Q.2. Why does Maya think Mr. Nath is a crook? Who does she say the Sunday visitor is?

Ans:- Maya has presented, various reasons for considering Mr. Nath to be a crook –

·         Mr. Nath has a weird appearance. He has burn marks on his face. According to Maya,these marks came because he had encounter with police.

·         Mr. Nath does not work at all. But he promptly pays the bill and generously tips. Maya thinks that as he is crook, he has a lot of looted money.

·         The tenants of the Shankar House considered him strange, and unfriendly. Maya thinks that he does not mix with anybody because. People may recognize him as a crook.

·         Mr. Nath meets only on Sundays with a fat spectacled, fair and talkative person. She thinks the person to be the accomplice of his criminal work. He comes and shares the looted part with Mr. Nath.

Q. 3. Does Nishad agree with Maya about Mr. Nath? How does he feel about him? 

Ans:- Nishad completely disagrees with Maya’s thinking. He does not consider Mr. Nath to be a crook. He is rather concerned about Mr. Nath’s being lonely. He is desirous to find out the reason of his being thin. He wants to know why Mr. Nath does not have friends. At last Nishad announces that he wants to be friend of Mr. Nath. He was not at all influenced by the views of Maya. 

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