Tuesday, 10 September 2013


            CBSE  has devised message writing to be one of the writing skill topics in class x summative examinations. Though this topic has least value of all writing skill topics  , it gives a learner to score the best. This post is to acquaint about all the important sides of message writing.
Message writing
Points to remember-
1. Be sure about message writer , sender and receiver .(Students often make mistake in identifying these very facts )
2. Try to write the message  to the point .
3. Do not cross the word limit .(50 words)
4. Maintain the format .( Given below)
5. Apprehend the matter of the message .
6. Write the word ‘Message’ at top middle of the box.
7. A message always come in the box. Use deep lined pencil to draw the line. Never draw the bottom line first. Finish your Message then draw and finish it .
8. Do not forget to write the month , date and year at the left corner of the message.

September xx,20xx
7 p.m.



Marks – Format -1 mark,
Content-2 marks 

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