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Tuesday, 21 May 2019


                                                                   REVISION TEST

            CBSE-CLASS-XII                          ENGLISH            FULL MARKS-35  TIME---1.30HR

A.     Answer the following questions in very short      5x1=5  
a)       What did the old man prepare for supper?
b)      Which card game did the rattrap peddler and the old man play?
c)       After how much time did the peddler come to the old man’s house?
d)      Where did the canal lead to?
e)       In which month did the incident take place?
f)       Whom did the ironmaster mistake the rattrap peddler to be?
g)      What was the name of the wife of the ironmaster?

B.      Answer the following in about 30-40 words(any five):- 5x3=15

a.       How did the rattrap peddler manage his livelihood?
b.       What was the philosophy of life connected to the rattrap by the rattrap?
c.       How did the rattrap peddler loot the man near the highway?
d.       How did the peddler reach the forge and how was he mistaken?
e.       How did the peddler reach the manor house?
f.        How did the ironmaster react when the truth was exposed and how did the peddler answer back?
g.       How was the life of the peddler during the Christmas in the manor house?
h.       Comment on the ending of the story.

C.      Answer the following questions in about 200 words.   (any two) 6x2=12

a)       Establish “The Rattrap” to be didactic one.
b)      Discuss how Edla become the source of inspiration to come out of the trap he was in.
c)       Justify the title of “The Rattrap”.

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CBSE-CLASS-XII                                         ENGLISH                       FULL MARKS-35  TIME---1.30HR
A.     Answer the following questions in very short      5x1=5  
a)       Name the blacksmith who talked with Franz while going to school.
b)      What was there under the arm of Mr. Hamel?
c)       What was the colour of the coat of Mr. Hamel?
d)      Name the river mentioned in the text.
e)       Which church services are mentioned in the text?

B.      Answer the following in about 40-50 words(any six):- 6x3=18

a.       Acquaint us with the background of the story.
b.       Tell us about the bulletin board.
c.       What had been very different about the school that day?
d.       What had been the surprise in the classroom people?
e.       How did Mr. Hamel dress and why?
f.        How was Franz in his task in the class? How did he feel?
g.         How did Mr. Franz blame parents and himself?
h.       How was the imparting of the lesson that day?
i.        Comment on the ending of the story.

C.      Answer the following questions in about 200 words.   (any two) 6x2=12

a.       How is “language “put in this story?
b.       How does the story criticize war?
c.       Evaluate Mr. Hamel as a teacher and Franz as a student.
d.       How does the story create a feeling of sympathy and melancholy?

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Tuesday, 12 September 2017


1.      Where did the shepherd live and why was he uneducated?
Answer- The shepherd lived in a cave in a village .He was very poor. He did not have even a small cottage of his own. He had never been to school or learnt to read and write, for there were very few schools in those days.

2.     In spite of being uneducated what special quality did the shepherd have?

Answer- Though poor and uneducated, this shepherd was very wise. He understood people’s sorrows and troubles, and helped them face their problems with courage and common sense. Many people came to him for advice.

3.     Why did the king of the country want to meet the shepherd?

Answer- The shepherd was famous for his wisdom and friendly nature. The king of that country heard about him, and thought to meet the shepherd himself and check it out.

4.     How did the king decide to meet the shepherd?

Answer- To meet the shepherd the king did not want to expose his real identity. He thought to meet him in disguise. So one day disguised as a shepherd and riding on a mule, one day the king came to the cave where the wise shepherd lived.

5.     How hospitable was the shepherd?

Answer- When the shepherd saw the traveller coming towards the cave, he rose to welcome him. He took the tired traveller inside the cave, gave him water to drink and a share of his own meagre meal. The king rested for the night in the cave and was greatly impressed by the shepherd’s hospitality and wise conversation.

6.     Why did the king make the poor old shepherd the governor?

Answer- When on the next day in spite of being tired and exhausted , the king decided to leave and informed the shepherd so , the shepherd looked straight into the eyes of the king and said, “Thank you, Your Majesty, for paying me the compliment of a visit.” Listening this the king was shocked and surprised and realized the true wisdom of the shepherd and said, “I need people like him to work for me.’ And the king appointed this humble shepherd the governor of a small district.

7.      How was the shepherd after becoming the governor?

Answer- The virtues of the shepherd did not change a bit despite his becoming the governor. Although he rose to power and dignity, the shepherd remained as humble as ever. People loved and honoured him for his wisdom, sympathy and goodness. He was kind and just to one and all. His fame as a fair and wise governor soon spread throughout the country.

8.     What did the jealous governor say to the king about the poor shepherd?

Answer- As the poor shepherd’s virtues were in the talks of everyone in the country, the other governors were jealous about him, they brought false allegations against him. They said, “He is very dishonest, and keeps for himself part of the money that he collects as tax from the people.” Why did he always carry with him, they added, an iron chest? Perhaps he carried in it the treasure that he had secretly collected. After all, they said mockingly, he was an ordinary shepherd and could behave no better.

9.     What was the initial reaction of the king about the allegations of other kings? What did the king do at last?
Answer- At first the king did not pay attention to these reports because he did not believe on their talks.

But he could not ignore these stories of governors about the shepherd for long. The king was certain about one matter. That the new governor did carry an iron chest with him all the time. So, one day, the new governor was summoned to the palace.

10. How did the shepherd come to the king’s court and what did the king ask?

Answer- The shepherd came riding on his camel, and to everyone’s delight, the famous iron chest was there fastened securely behind him on the camel’s back.

Now the king was angry. He thundered, “Why do you always carry that iron chest with you? What does it contain?”

11.    What was found inside the iron chest?

Answer- When the king asked the governor about the iron chest in an angry tone, the shepherd asked his servant to bring in the chest. How eagerly the people standing around waited for the shepherd to be found out! But how great was their astonishment, and even of the king himself, when the chest was opened! No gold or silver or jewels but an old blanket was all that came out.

12.  When the king asked why did the shepherd carry a blanket with him what did he say?

Answer- When the king asked why the shepherd carry an old blanket in the iron chest always, the shepherd replied with quiet dignity, “This blanket is my oldest friend. It will still protect me if, at any time, Your Majesty should wish to take away my new cloaks.”

13.  How did the king and the other governors react when they got to hear the reply of the shepherd?

Answer- Hearing the reply about the old blanket in the iron chest the king was pleased and the other governors were embarrassed. Now they knew that the shepherd was indeed the humblest and the wisest man in the land. The king made him the governor of a much bigger district that very day.

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Extra Questions and Answers On Tansen | CBSE CLASS VI | ENGLISH

1.      What was the name of Tansen’s father and where did they live?
Answer- Tanse’s father’s name was Mukandan Mishra and they lived in Behat near Gwalior.

2.      What special quality did Tansen learn in his childhood?
Answer- Tansen was a naughty child in his childhood. Often, he ran away to play in the forest, and soon learnt to imitate perfectly the calls of birds and animals.

3.      When did Tansen see Swami Haridas for the first time?

Answer- Swami Haridas was a famous singer. Once Swami Haridas was travelling through the forest with his disciples. Tired, the group settled down to rest in a shady grove. At that time Tansen was also there in the same forest .There Tansen saw Swami Haridas for the first time.

4.      What did Tansen do when he saw strangers in the forest? How did Swami Haridas react to it?
Answer- Seeing the strangers in the forest Tansen thought to make fun and frighten the group. He hid behind a tree and roared like a tiger. The little group of travellers were bewildered and scattered in fear. But Swami Haridas was not afraid .He called them together and told not be afraid.He added that Tigers are not always dangerous.

5.      On finding Tansen doing the prank what did Swami Haridas do?

Answer- When Swami Haridas found that Tansen was roaring like a tiger, he did not punish him. He went to Tansen’s father and said that his son was very naughty and he was also very talented and he thought he could make him a good singer.

6.      When did Tansen’s parents die and how long did he learn music from Swami Haridas?
Answer- Tansen’s parents died during his stay with Swami Haridas learning music.

At the age of ten Tansen went away with Swami Haridas. He lived with him for eleven years, learning music, and became a great singer.

7.      What was Mukandan Misra’s dying wish and why did he wish that?

Answer – Tansen’s father Mukandan Misra’s dying wish was that Tansen should visit Mohammad Ghaus of Gwalior because Mohammad Ghaus was a holy man. Besides Mukandan Misra had long been devoted to him, and often visited him.

8.      Whom and how did Tansen marry?

Answer- While living in Gwalior with Mohammed Ghaus, Tansen was often taken to the court of Rani Mrignaini, who was a great musician herself. There he met and married one of the ladies of the court. Her name was Hussaini.

9.      Why did King Akbar wish Tansen to join his court?
Answer- After Tansen’s Marriage, Tansen became very famous and often he sang before Emperor Akbar, who was so impressed by him that he insisted Tansen should join his court.

10.   In which year Tansen joined the court of Akbar and how did Akbar enjoy the song of Tansen?
Answer- Tansen joined Akbar’s court in 1556, and soon became a great favourite of the Emperor. Akbar would call upon Tansen to sing at any time during the day or night. Quite often he would just walk into Tansen’s house to hear him practise. King Akbar also gave him many presents.

11. Why did the other courtiers become jealous of Tansen?

Answer- After the advent Tansen in the court of King Akbar, Tansen became very popular and very famous and he was given more privilege and importance than other courtiers. As a result out of jealousy the other courtiers thought that they would never be able to rest till Tansen was ruined.

12.  What wicked idea did Shaukat Mian make to destroy Tansen?

Answer- One of the courtiers, Shaukat Mian, made a wicked idea to destroy Tnasen.
He planned to make Tansen sing Raga Deepak. He explained to the other courtiers that as Tansen was a very good singer, if Tansen sang Raga Deepak properly it would make the air so hot that Tansen would be burnt to ashes and thus they will get rid of Tansen.

13. How did Shaukat Mian entice King Akbar to make Tansen sing Raga Deepak? What was the reply King Akbar at the challenge by Shaukat Mian?

Answer- As planned Shaukat Mian went to Akbar and said that did not think that Tansen was a great singer. And he proposed a challenge for Tansen. He said to test Tansen.He requested King Akbar to tell him to sing Raga Deepak and also added that only the greatest singers could sing it properly.

Listening this King Akbar said that of course Tansen could sing it. Tansen could sing anything.

14. Hearing about the challenge why was Tansen afraid and unhappy?

Answer- Hearing the wish of the King Akbar Tansen very was afraid but could not disobey him and asked some time to prepare himself. Tansen went home. He was downcast and unhappy. He said to his wife that he could sing the Raga Deepak but the heat it would give off would not only set the lamps alight, it would also burn him to ashes.

15. What planning did Tansen make to save him from burning?

Answer- Tansen planned that if someone sang Raga Megh at the same time while he would be singing Raga Deepak, and sang it properly, it would bring rain. Then he suggested that their daughter, Saraswati, and her friend, Rupvati, could do that. He taught the two girls to sing Raga Megh. They practiced night and day for two weeks. Tansen told them that they must wait till the lamps started burning, and then they must start singing.

16. What happened when Tansen sang Raga Deepak?

Answer- The legend goes that on the appointed day the whole town assembled to hear Tansen sing Raga Deepak. When he began to sing, the air became warm. Soon people in the audience were bathed in perspiration. The leaves on the trees dried up and fell to the ground. As the music continued, birds fell dead because of the heat and the water in the rivers began to boil. People cried out in terror as flames shot up out of nowhere and lighted the lamps.

17.  How was Tansen saved?

Answer- When flames shot up out of nowhere and lighted the lamps and Tansen’s life was at stake, Saraswati and Rupvati began to sing Raga Megh. The sky clouded over and the rain came down and Tansen was saved.

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Short Questions And Answers |The treasure within | CLASS VIII | Cbse English

1. What nightmare did Hafeez contractor have?
Answer – hafeez contractor had nightmares about appearing for maths examination where he did not know anything
2. What was the one thing said by the principal that changed Hafeez life?
Answer- the principal said hafeez how hard his mother worked to bring him up and that he should study hard and repay her mothers hard work
3. What distraction did Hafeez contractor create one day?
Answer- Hafeez contractor played Chor police for one whole hour
4. Was Hafeez contractor interested in architecture?
Answer- Hafeez contractor had no such interest in architecture. It all happened by chance 5. Hafeez Contractor wanted to join the police force. Why didn't he?
Answer- Hafeez contractor did not join Police Force as because his mother said him not to. She said him to complete his graduation.
6.Who in your view is an unusual learner? Answer- an unusual learner can be different from the rest. He can be a genius. did he help fellow students who had lost a button?
Answer- when his fellow students lost a button,he helped them by cutting a button from chalk by using a blade.
8. What was Mrs Guptas advice to hafeez contractor?
Answer- Mrs Gupta who was hafeez contractors teacher in the second and third grade advised him to become an architect when he grew up.
9.What is hafeez contractors definition of mathematics?
Answer- He said that putting design, construction,psychology,and sociology together and making a sketch from all that is mathematics.
10.In What special way did hafeez contractor remember things?
Answer- He didn't remember them through his mind and saw things as photographs.

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Short Questions And Answers |THE SELFISH GIANT | CLASS VIII | Cbse English

1 .Where did the giant go?
Answer-The giant went to to visit his friend,the Cornish ogre
2. What did the giant do when he saw the children playing in his Garden ?
Answer- when the Giant saw the children playing in his Garden he built a high wall around his Garden and put up a notice board
3. Why was it still winter in the Giants Garden?
Answer- it was still winter in the Giants Garden as because there were no children and so the birds did not care to sing and the trees did not blossom
4. Who were happy seeing spring has not arrived in the garden?
Answer- the snow and the Frost were happy seeing spring has not arrived
5. Was the giant happy?
Answer- no the giant was worried as there was no sign of spring
6. What was the Giants reaction when he had a little linnet singing?
Answer- to him it seemed the most beautiful music as we did not hear any bird singing for a very long time
7. What did the Giants see through the little Hole In The Wall?
Answer- he saw that the children crept in and was sitting in the branches and the trees covered themselves with blossoms. The birds were flying and twittering with delight and the flowers were looking up through the green grass and laughing
8. What did the giant do when he realised his mistake?
Answer- when the giant realised his mistake he decided to knock down the wall and decided that the garden shall be the children's playground forever.

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Short Questions and Answers |PRINCESS SEPTEMBER CLASS VIII | cbse Class viii English

1. What was the name of the youngest daughter?
Answer- September
2. What was one strange habit the king of Siam ?
Answer- The king of Siam gave gifts instead of receiving them.
3. What was the gift that king of Siam gifted his daughters?
Answer- The king of Siam gifted his daughters green parrots in a golden cage.
4. What did princess September see one fine morning?
Answer- She found her parrot lying dead on the bottom of the cage.
5. What did the maids of Honour do when they saw her crying?
Answer- The maids of Honour tried to comfort her but when she couldn't she told the Queen.
6. What was the Queen’s reaction?
Answer- The queen said it was utter nonsense and the child should go to bed without supper.
7. What did princess September see when she lay in her bed?
Answer- She saw a little bird hoping into her room who sang a beautiful song.
8. What did the bird sing about?
Answer- The bird sang about the lake in the King’s garden and the willow trees that looked at themselves in the still water and the goldfish that glided in and out of the branches that were reflected in it.
9. What did the other princesses say about the little bird?
Answer- The other princesses said that the little bird isn't going to return as it flies around in and out and if he does he should be kept in cage.
10. How did princess September react when t\he little bird did not return for long?
Answer- Princess September wished for the bird to return safely to her.
11. How was the little bird affected when princess September caged him?
Answer- The little bird was upset and did not sing or eat a thing.
12. What did the bird do once it was set free?
Answer- The bird promised to sing beautiful songs and that he shall return and never forget her .He then opened his wings and flew right away into the blue sky.
13. What lesson do you learn from this story?

Answer-We learn that it is very difficult to put the happiness of someone you love before your own.

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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Extra Questions and Answers On QUALITY|CBSE |vii|English

1.      From when did the narrator know Mr. Gessler and where was the shop of Mr.Gessler?
 Answer- According to the author he knew Mr.  Gessler from the days of his extreme youth, because he made his father’s boots. He lived with his elder brother in his shop, which was in a small by-street in a fashionable part of London.

2.   How was the shop of Mr.Gessler?

Answer- The shop had a certain quiet distinction. It had very less similarity with other shops. There was no sign upon it other than the name of Gessler Brothers; and in the window a few pairs of boots.

3.      What was the author’s opinion about Mr Gessler as a bootmaker?
Ans- The author thought high about Mr. Gessler about boot making. He made only what was ordered, and what he made never failed to fit. To the author making boots—such boots as he made—seemed to him mysterious and wonderful.

4.   “Isn’t it awfully hard to do, Mr Gessler?”-
-Who is the speaker?
-In what context did he say these words?
-What did Mr.Gessler reply?
Answer- The speaker is the author himself.

It was one of the early days of the author’s youthful time.One day he went to Mr.Gessler’s shop and stretching his youthful feet made the remarks.

With a sudden smile from out of the redness of his beard Mr. Gessler said, “Id is an ardt!’’

5.   Why was it not possible to go to Mr.Gessler very often?
Anwer- One could not go to Mr. Gessler’s shop very often and the reason was his excellent ability to make excellent and everlasting boots. His boots lasted terribly, having something beyond the temporary as if some essence of boot stitched into them.

6.   How does one feel when he turns up to the shop of Mr. Gessler?

Answer- When one goes into the shop of Mr. Gessler, it is not like any other shop. One feels that as if one has entered a Church. One sits on the chair waiting to be served. And then Mr. Gessler would come with a guttural sound, and the tip-tap of his slippers beating the narrow wooden stairs and he would stand before one without coat, a little bent, in leather apron, with sleeves turned back, blinking—as if awakened from some dream of boots.

7.   When the author would want a pair of Russian leather boots, how would Mr.  Gessler react?
Answer- When the author asked for a Russian leather boot, without a word he would leave the author retiring and whence he came, or into the other portion of the shop, and the author would continue to rest in the wooden chair inhaling the incense of his trade. Soon he would come back, holding in his hand a piece of gold-brown leather. With eyes fixed on it he would remark, “What a beaudiful biece!” When the author too had admired it, he would speak again. “When do you wand dem?” And the author would answer, “Oh! As soon as you conveniently can.” And he would say, “Tomorrow fordnighd?”

8.   Narrate the incident where the author complained about the creaking of the boot.
Answer- One day the author said to Mr Gessler that last pair of boots creaked. He looked at the author as if expecting the author to withdraw or qualify the statement, and then said, “ld shouldn’d ’ave greaked.’’
But then the author said that it did. Then Mr.Gessler said, “You god dem wed before dey found demselves.” When the author refuted this possibility, Mr.Gessler lowered his eyes, as if hunting for memory of those boots and then said “Zend dem back,”, “I will look at dem.”“Zome boods,” he continued slowly, “are bad from birdt. If I can do noding wid dem I take dem off your bill.”

9.   Narrate the incident where the author visited the shop of Mr.Gessler with the boots bought from the big firm.
Answer- One day the author went absent-mindedly into his shop in a pair of boots bought in an emergency at some large firm. He took the order without showing the author any leather and had a penetrating look at the inferior covering of the foot. At last he said, “Dose are nod my boods.”
The tone was not one of anger, nor of sorrow, not even of contempt, but there was in it something quiet that froze the blood. He put his hand down and pressed a finger on the place where the left boot was not quite comfortable and then he said, “Id ’urds’ you dere,” he said, “Dose big virms ’ave no self-respect.”

10.                What did Mr. Gessler share about the troubles of his trade?

Answer- While talking with the author about the boots made by the big firms, he shared his pain of his trade.  He said, “They get it all. They get it by advertisement, not by work. They take it away from us, who love our boots. It comes to this — presently I have no work. Every year it gets less.

11.                When the author went after two years to the shop of Mr. Gessler what surprised him?

Answer- As the boots made by Mr. Gessler lasted terribly, the author was unable to go to Mr. Gessler’s shop before two years. When the author went it appeared to be his elder brother, handling a piece of leather.
The author greeted and asked his whereabouts. Then he came close, and peered at the author and said, “I am breddy well”, but my elder brudder is dead.” And suddenly the author discovered him to be aged and wan.

12.                What logic did Mr.Gessler give for his brother’s death?

Answer- While talking about his elder brother Mr. Gessler touched the top of his head, where the hair had suddenly gone as thin as it had been on that of his poor brother, to indicate, he cause of his death.

13.                After returning from the abroad when the author went to the shop of Mr. Gessler what difference did he discover in Mr. Gessler?

Answer- After returning from the abroad when the author went to the shop of Mr. Gessler, he found a different Man .He had left a Man of sixty and then he looked as if seventy five, pinched and worn, who genuinely, that time, did not at first know the author.

14.                How were the last boots made by Mr. Gessler for the author?

Answer- When one evening the boots which he had ordered came, one by one the author tried them on. In shape and fit, in finish and quality of leather they were the best he had ever made. The author was so happy that he flew downstairs, wrote a cheque and posted it at once with his own hand.

15.                A week later after receiving the last boots when the author went to tell the author about how nicely the boots fitted what disturbed him?

Answer- A week later after receiving the last boots when the author went to tell the author about how nicely the boots fitted , the author was disturbed to see a young man with an English face. When the author asked about Mr. Gessler, the man informed that they had taken the shop over as Mr. Gessler was dead.

16.                What reason did the author tell as the reason for the death of Mr. Gessler’s death?
Answer- According to the Englishman Mr.  Gessler starved himself. It was slow starvation, the doctor called it. He said that Mr.  Gessler went to work in a state of starvation .Besides starving he used to allow the fire to go off at night in this biting winter. These led him to his demise.

17.                What negative aspects of Mr.  Gessler’s way of business are reflected by the Englishman?
Answer- The English young man reflected how Mr. Gessler was a perfect bootmaker but a bad business man. He said that he wouldn’t have anybody to touch his boots except himself. When he got an order, it took him such a time. People won’t wait. He lost everybody. And there he’d sit, going on and on. According to the author there is not a man in London who made a better boot than Mr. Gessler. In this age of competition, he never advertised. These all led to his downfall in spite of his ability as a good bootmaker.

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